Switch eShop file size round-up - The Caligula Effect: Overdose, RICO, Q.U.B.E. 2, and more

Time to see which upcoming games are going to fit snugly on your Switch, and which will have you running out to the store for a microSD card. Check out the latest game file sizes below!

The Caligula Effect: Overdose – 5.2GB
The Journey Down Trilogy – 5.2GB
Constructor Plus – 3.3GB
RICO – 2.9GB
Trine 2: Complete Story – 2.4GB
Q.U.B.E. 2 – 2.4GB
Yume Nikki: Dream Diary – 1.5GB
Chocobo’s Mystery Dungeon Every Buddy! – 1.4GB
Pillar – 587MB
BlazeRush – 471MB
Gigantic Army – 290MB
Almost There: The Platformer – 224MB
V.O.I.D. – 222MB
Warplanes: WW2 Dogfight – 197MB
Darkest Hunter – 195MB
Battlloon – 178MB
Deltarune Chapter 1 – 106MB
Riddled Corpses EX – 101MB
Raining Coins – 98.0MB
Rotating Brave – 90.0MB
I wanna fly – 66.0MB

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