Smash Bros. Ultimate will not include custom Palutena's Guidance records for DLC fighters

If you were looking forward to hearing what Palutena had to say about the upcoming DLC fighters in Smash Bros. Ultimate, I've got some bad news. In his most recent Famitsu feature, Masahiro Sakurai confirms that there will not be any new Palutena's Guidance features recorded for DLC characters. We don't have an explanation as to why, but we'll give you those details if they become available.


Could be worse I guess.

Give Isabelle her animal crossing voice chatter and we'll call it even

It's not a surprise.

That's a shame because I was really hoping that they would have fun with Joker's conversation

Not the worst but still disapointing

Cutting corners in this game? I don't believe it! But it's "Ultimate" right?

Fri Feb 15 19 05:37pm
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Seriously?! They already recorded new lines for Piranha Plant, why on Earth couldn't they record them for the others? This bites. They underestimate how much KI fans like myself enjoy those. Sad

I think it's safe to assume that Piranha Plant's guidance was recorded at the same time as the others.

Fri Feb 15 19 06:04pm
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Well it's a matter of time and resources. The voice actors can't just avoid work while waiting around for the DLC to begin development so that they can be available. Sometimes VA's go into their next job and end up having scheduling conflicts as a result.

There's also the development resources to consider too. They could have the budget, but not the time because all the involved companies and people can't just stop new work to make themselves available to Smash's DLC schedule. There's also a tangle of legal rights to consider. For example, it could be against the legal rights Nintendo agreed with to have Palutena, Pit, and anyone else from Kid Icarus to sarcastically riff on a DLC character.

Hell in Smash 4, none of the DLC characters had special move variations like the core fighters had. So there's precedent on DLC characters not being fully fleshed like the core cast which now numbers into the dozens in Ultimate.

So how do you trigger this in the game again?

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