Smash Bros. Ultimate - Piranha Plant, King K. Rool & Ice Climbers amiibo unboxing

Three new Super Smash Bros. Ultimate amiibo have hit store shelves, including the first DLC fight: Piranha Plant! Get a close look at the three amiibo in our unboxing provided by Daan Koopman!


Is getting these amiibo a problem in the US? Because here in my Mexican city, I tried to get them today and I was told that they're gonna be receiving only preorder from here on.
Which is ironic, because when I went like two weeks ago, the store neglected me the preorders saying that they didn't have preorders on the day the official Facebook page announced them.

I could only get Ice Climbers. Piranha Plant and King K. Rool are sold out everywhere.

Sigh. So much for making enough supply.

Gamestop has them online as of this comment.

Best Buy delayed my pre-ordered Piranha Plant for no reason. The Ice Climbers I got from them is in crappy condition.

I'd look to buy one in-store somewhere if you can for the time being

Here in Europe, all 3 are available on Amazon. Most other retailers have stopped selling them. I think Nintendo have upped production, hoping that this fad takes off again and given how much SSBU has sold already.

Sakurai: How the Hell did you turn a "generic" Piranha Plant into such a fun, charming ang great fighter in Smash? What's the secret?

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