SMITE dev blog update - Jormungandr: A Closer Look

The SMITE dev team has put together a new blog to showcase the creation of Jormunganr, The World Serpent. Check out full details on the beast below.


The World Serpent, said to be big enough to wrap his body around the entire earth, is a bringer of death and ender of days. It is said that when Ragnarok begins, he will awaken and cover the sky with toxic venom. He is a massive creature, with one primary goal: to destroy Gods.


Jormungandr has a few defining features that are very important to his depiction and gameplay. First, his size. Early tests for this God were started over a year ago to prepare for how he would look in SMITE. His body type is unlike any other God and we did not want to compromise on this key feature at all. In SMITE, he will tower over all other Gods.

Theme – Massively Monstrous
Visuals – Largest God in the game, Unique body type anchored to the ground
Personality – Dutiful, Focused, Violent
Perspective – Viewed as a threat to the Gods’ way of life

Check out the full blog here

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