Nintendo.com listing for The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening shows the number of players as 'to be determined'

Here's an interesting discovery that could point to some new details down the road. Over on Nintendo.com, the official listing for The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening says that the number of supported players is 'to be determined.' As you know, the original game was a single-player experience. It would seem awfully odd to not fill in that single-player info for this remake, unless there was something going on there that we aren't supposed to know yet. I guess we'll just have to hang tight and cross our fingers!


Personally, I wouldn't read that much into it.

I would. Zelda games are typically single player, the original was, so why not just say so if that's the case? The DX version had changes, I hope that this remake likewise has additional content and significantly so. As Zelda games go, it's one the shortest adventures, particularly so in terms of 100% completion(~16 hours). This game needs to do more if Nintendo want to charge €60 for it, yes it's upgraded, but a lot of the hard work is already done; the story, the characters, the music, the map, the dungeons, etc, etc, etc. All Nintendo have to do is translate it into a colourful modern 3D HD game.

So how do you beef the game up? Easy. Add in a 4 Swords style multiplayer mode with online. It doesn't have to be limited to just 4 either.

Sat Feb 16 19 11:15am
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I agree with Sliggy! Instead of going through the trouble of expanding, modifying and re-balancing the main adventure of Link’s Awakening, they could do separate content for multiplayer while still using the same engine.

They could’ve pulled a ”Triforce Heroes” and made a multiplayer-only game, but by adding the Link’s Awakening story as well, they will also be able to pull in those who just want a proper single player adventure. And simultaneously justify charging $60.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the game ends up being called something like The Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening + ”Ye-Olde-Multiplayer-Shenanigans” just like the Mario & Luigi games have started adding that separate ”+Bowser Jr.’s Stuff”.

That all sounds awesome, guys, really.
But I repeat myself and say: I would not read that much into it.
Just because, you know, you could get really disappointed if you do, and Nintendo make it a single player game Which I would prefer, btw, but that is just me, maybe.

I had a strong feeling this game will have Co-Op. But they do place a “To Be Determined” label on games both later confirmed to be single player and multiplayer, so this in itself doesn’t mean much.

If it was co-op, it would actually make me consider rebuying it.

Sat Feb 16 19 08:31am
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The original was planned to have 4 player co-op. This would be the perfect time to capitalize on that idea!

If it's like a side game that has multiplayer than that may be kinda cool but I'd prefer it work in a way in which there's only one Link and that they don't pull a TFH and just throw logic out the window.

I'm calling it now. Multiplayer Battle royale mode.

That's standard for when nothing has been confirmed, even in singleplayer games.

Sat Feb 16 19 05:03pm
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If this had 4 player local (single system), I would buy.

I can see them adding a 4 Swords-type game, like how they did with the port of A Link To The Past on GBA. I'd be all for that.


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