Nintendo once again makes their latest Nintendo Direct a pre-roll ad on YouTube

Nintendo has been following a trend with recent Nintendo Directs, and that continues with the one we saw a few days back. Nintendo has turned the entire Nintendo Direct into a pre-roll ad on YouTube. The skip button pops up just a few seconds in, but you'd have to imagine that just a few people are going to stick around to see what Nintendo's got going on!

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I guess that's an okay idea, but I would have thought anyone who would watch half an hour of Nintendo news would have done so already.

Really? Is anyone gonna sit through a 30+ minute ad before their intended video? I wonder how many lengthy views this ad gets.

Would it not have been better to carve out 20-30 highlight clips into ads...I don’t know the metrics so I guess it must make sense.

Informercials are a thing that exist on television. It should be no surprise that they exist on youtube. They're more for mindshare and 3am watching

Did you use an old screenshot for this story? Because it mentions 3DS, while this Direct didn't mention that at all

I can see this working. This is how I ended up watching the pilot of that show Atlanta by Donald Glover.

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