RUMOR - Nintendo working with PlatinumGames to revive Scalebound for Switch

At one time, Scalebound was supposed to be a major AAA title that was heading to the Xbox One. Microsoft had partnered with PlatinumGames to make the game a reality, and for awhile there, things seemed to be working out just fine. Then, unfortunately, the game ended up being cancelled. There were apparently a number of issues and problems that lead to cancellation. The official announcement of cancellation came about in Jan. 2017, but now rumor has it that the game is being resurrected.

Insider info points to Nintendo and PlatinumGames teaming up to bring Scalebound back from the dead for release on Switch. We did recently hear that Nintendo was working to bring back a title that was dead, but no one expected that project would be one of Microsoft's games! Obviously none of this is confirmed until Nintendo or PlatinumGames themselves share the info, but it certainly is an enticing rumor!

Thanks to Sligeach_eire for the heads up!


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Mon Feb 18 19 03:02pm
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Scalebound is the new Bayonetta 2.

Mon Feb 18 19 03:02pm
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Scalebound is the new Bayonetta 2.

I was joking when I originally brought this up but I doubt this is what it is.
Unless Nintendo was willing to pay a lot of money to Microsoft...

Mon Feb 18 19 04:00pm
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Could tie into the "XBL for Switch" rumor. Maybe Microsoft is in on this, and that part of their plans for expanding the Xbox platform onto Switch also includes some of its storefront? Make a bit of their own dime from the system by publishing additional games not on the eShop, but Nintendo also gets a cut so it's win-win. I could see this being Switch exclusive in that it's exclusive to some sort of "Xbox for Switch"; you can only get it on Switch but you gotta go through Xbox to get it (or Microsoft gets a cut if you get a physical copy).

There are strong indications that Microsoft - while not going fully third-party - are going to pulling out of the race somewhat in Gen9. For a few years now, they've already been making moves to push the Xbox brand as more of a hardware-agnostic platform. While we know there'll still be new Xbox consoles, my bet is that Xbox will be treated more like Surface in that Surface devices are Microsoft's own reference hardware for Windows but not the only means to run it; likewise, the new Xbox console won't be the only Xbox experience, but it'll be the purest Xbox experience. Basically a reattempt of the old 3DO concept, with an additional quarter-century of hardware advancement on our side this time.

If so, Scalebound could be a good candidate for a killer app to push "Xbox for Switch". There was quite a bit of hype for the game before its cancellation and I imagine there would be even more for a revival, which would help with the concept's initial push. They could make a big deal out of "Microsoft and Nintendo jointly present: Platinum Games' Scalebound".

Don't forget how buddy-buddy Nintendo and Microsoft are nowadays.

With that argument we could even see Rare games hittig the Switch (I really have to stop that pun now!).

Eh, don't discount it. I think both of them realize there's a market for that.

Remember, Microsoft's even open to Master Chief or Banjo getting into Smash, and they'd get nothing out of that except for publicity and DLC royalties. So long as Microsoft gets their cut, I could see it happening. Wouldn't even be the first time; there was Banjo stuff on GBA and VC releases of Rareware games - both after Microsoft bought Rare - so there's even precedent for the two working together.

MS and Ninty are very friendly these days and a lot has happened at both companies, but I doubt this will ever happen. But hey! I never saw Bayonetta 2 coming either.

Rumor rumors rumors. Eventually one of them will turn true.

"Let's read the original article ....and the site is down...."

Mon Feb 18 19 03:19pm
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Didn't take long for Nintendo Ninjas to take action. 😉

Edit: Here's the story, in case Nintendo took the ultimate retaliation. 😜


9th January 2017. Microsoft Studios confirmed that “after careful deliberation,” it had “come to the decision to end production for Scalebound.” It was yet another high-profile Xbox One exclusive that, along with Fable Legends, Microsoft had chosen to pull the plug on. The natural reaction was one of widespread disappointment.

None more so than creator Hideki Kamiya, who, at long last, had the chance to express the love that he once had for fantasy games in high school. After the early excitement that the project was met with when it was revealed on-stage at E3 2014, Scalebound’s abrupt end had left fans with more questions than answers. However, we can be thankful that making Kamiya’s dream a reality is far from over.

I have confidence in my sources to report that it is my understanding that Scalebound has been resurrected as a project to be released as a Nintendo Switch exclusive. Given Microsoft’s previous involvement, it remains unclear to me whether development has been completely rebooted from scratch or, at the least, its ambition scaled back – seeing as it’s now destined for the nimble, but less powerful, portable home console.

Further to this, I believe that Scalebound is likely to be the “game that’s thought to be dead that Nintendo’s reviving” that Game Informer senior editor Imran Khan had hinted at on Kinda Funny Games last week. Although, there’s the chance that he could have heard about a different project that will be resuscitated.

In the original concept for Scalebound, you were to play as Drew, who, while exploring the dangerous world of Draconis, is bonded to the fearsome and noble dragon, Thuban – the last of his kind. Thrown together by fate, they must defeat the enemies that threaten their world.

As far as I am aware, the Scalebound trademark was renewed but soon had to be abandoned thanks to Microsoft being unable to state what they would use it for. Ultimately, that has left the door open for another publisher to step in and, as part of on-going discussions around the projects that PlatinumGames could work on for Nintendo Switch, it was something that Nintendo expressed interest in.

Without a doubt, Nintendo and PlatinumGames have continued to build a close relationship with one another. On Wii U, the developer supported the ill-fated console with The Wonderful 101, Star Fox Zero, and Bayonetta 2 – a sequel that the developer has expressed would not have existed without Nintendo’s support.

That camaraderie has since continued on Nintendo Switch, that, along with Bayonetta and Bayonetta 2 ports, has resulted in PlatinumGames once again being given the chance to work on Bayonetta 3 and Astral Chain as exclusives for the console.

With Hideki Kamiya supervising Astral Chain and his role on Bayonetta 3 unclear, it would appear that, keen to right the development struggles that the original project had suffered, his main focus has been on grounding Scalebound for its return. And, like many, we look forward to seeing it in action.

Mon Feb 18 19 03:29pm
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Wait the trademark was actually denied? Really? Microsoft still has to own the copyright on the work Platinum had done on the game before right? If so I would assume Nintendo would at least have to buy those rights. But losing the trademark would make it a lot easier for Nintendo to just file it then.

How accurate has Nintendo Insider been in the past? Because without a good track record I'd still be wary of this.

Edit: And its back up, I guess they didn't expect a rush of traffic when they posted the article.

MS might want easy money from a niche game that could flop with ease. If Nintendo takes over the budget of development and MS do NOTHING but earn some easy money, I can see this happening. Not saying it will, but neither that it wont.

Microsoft didn't necessarily can it because they thought it would flop, you don't fund Platinum unless you want Platinum, even if it doesn't sell well it still gives you a positive reception in the eyes of consumers. It seems development and studio politics issues were the problem. MS also invested a lot into the project. Plus if Nintendo wants it that bad, for either the positive press or just because they are buddies with Kamiya, and Microsoft has the IP, Microsoft can ask for a high price because Nintendo is willing to pay. Could Microsoft just license the IP to Nintendo and have Nintendo pay royalties, maybe, but I doubt they are going to use the IP anyways so it might be better for Nintendo to just buy it outright and have the ability to use it freely in marketing, other products, and make sequels.

I get your point but mine still stands. If MS truly don't have to do anyting but earn easy money, then I can see this happening. At least they could get some of their money back. Seems like Nintendo and PG are damn close these days (with good reason) and also S and Ninty are friendly. My point is that it's a rumour until proven wrong/right, but this would seriously not surprise me if it happens. Specially with the thought that SB started out as a Wii project.

Hey! I am beyond happy we get Bayo 3 and Astral Chain, but the gaming world is changing. And after MS purchasing so many studios, I would not be surprised if Ninty at least got their claws on Scalebound.

Or maybe instead of buying an IP of a franchise that never released a single game, why not just make a completely new game like Scalebound with all new assets and title? It’s cheaper to make a spiritual resurrection than to just buy a dead IP.

And since the basic idea of SB started out as Wii game... They could just do that!

I mean I think that idea didn't work out for a reason, if it changes it will be very different.
Personally, I don't think Platinum has the development capacity to start working on any form of Scalebound at the moment.

IF this is somehow true then I think they are just thinking about te game and not going deep into development just yet. They have several games in the works, but plenty of those seem to be hiting this or next year. After that they can go all in. Oh well. We'll see or not soon enough I guess.

I didn't say it was the right idea, again I said if Nintendo wanted it THAT bad, I was just saying it was entirely feasible if both parties were willing.
Personally I think there is far more reason to doubt this is happening than to believe Nintendo Insider.

Platinum Games are a massive company, they've almost 250 employees, with numerous games on the go at any one time. Plus Nintendo could help out. Nintendo stepped in before with them and made Bayonetta 2 a reality. Plus, Scalebound was Kamiya's pet project, I'm sure he'd love to resurrect it, you never know. This could be a Microsoft IP but Nintendo owning the publishing rights, like with Bayonetta and SEGA.

Scalebound was THE exclusive that I was looking forward to the most for the Xbox One, and I was so gutted when it was cancelled. I really, REALLY hope this turns out true, because we need more dragon riders with headphones and devil may care attitude in our lives!

Could happen if part of the cancellation agreement was that Platinum keeps all rights to the game. If MS has any say in this though, there is no way it is happening.

aIf Nintendo pays for it and MS still earns money I see not why they should be against a project they themselves cancelled. Easy money for them.

Mon Feb 18 19 03:34pm
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LOL. I got an XO instead of a PS4 because of Scalebound. The oddity here is that when I heard it was cancelled I instantly thought Nintendo would take over. Not just because of Bayonetta 2 and 3 but that Scalebound actually started as Wii game where a girl is supposed to "controll" dinosaurs or something like that. This wouldn't surprise me if it is true at all.

Nintendo are kicking a lot of arse lately. And with PG being my fav devs and being a Switch owner... I mean: Bayonetta 1-3, Okami (OK, it's Clover but still), Astral Chain... And now maybe this?

P.S: I also have a PS4 Pro now with VR...

It would be awesome. But no, this ain't it, sadly

Mon Feb 18 19 03:42pm
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Nintendo please just buy Platinum.

MS are purchasing several studios. Can't see why Ninty can't. But Platinum have become a beast, so it would cost them. But then again, the relationship they have is damn good plus Ninty has money.

I'm not sure what the last development studio was Nintendo bought. They used to be more about buying studios but I don't think that's been the case recently. More like they ally themselves with companies on certain projects nowadays.

Iwata explained that they stopped buying companies because when they did it in the past, all the important people in the company quit not long after, leaving them with a company that only shared a name with its past glory, without the same talent. Allying with a company usually keep the talents there, and IF the talent goes away, they are NOT bound to the empty shell that is left.

That would be fantastic! Nintendo should buy Platinum Games, Playtonic games, and just go ahead and fully purchase Next Level Games.

Tue Feb 19 19 10:02am
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And Shin En, because...Why not?

Scalebound may soon possibly become the Bayonetta 2 of Nintendo's savior.

Mon Feb 18 19 11:42pm
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That'd be a neat get but you'd think it's the sort of thing Ninty would have been more than happy to brag about at the latest direct.

If we don't hear about this at E3 I'm calling BS.

re: Platinum getting bought: I don't see what anyone would get out of that deal. Platinum enjoys their independence and Ninty enjoys not spending a ton of money on a studio who's development they can already contract at the snap of their finger.

Tue Feb 19 19 03:25am
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Platinum enjoys their independence and Ninty enjoys not spending a ton of money on a studio who's development they can already contract at the snap of their finger.

Exclusive development partnership presumably... if Nintendo owned Platinum then they couldn't work for anyone else. Would also mean no one else could buy Platinum and cut Nintendo off from a valuable partner.

The obvious problem however (that everyone seems to forget when we talk about game development studios in general) is that owning Platinum does not mean owning the people who work there... and since Platinum doesn't own any of the IPs they make, if the talent leaves then Nintendo will have nothing but an empty studio...

Would also mean no one else could buy Platinum and cut Nintendo off from a valuable partner.

I like their games as much as anybody but I don't think that's in any danger of happening any time soon. Inaba and co. have gave interviews about how they like to be free agents (it's the sort of thing that led them to leave Capcom after Clover got got) and it's not like they're in heavy demand from other companies. Sega/Activision stopped hiring them and Microsoft/Cygames couldn't even bother to have them finish games that they'd already dumped millions into. (The only reason we're discussing this rumour is because there aren't a lot of other devs interested in Microsoft's Scalebound sloppy seconds.)

At this point a buyout would mostly just be a "We don't want to share with Square" thing.

if the talent leaves then Nintendo will have nothing but an empty studio

That's true of buying most devs.

Not gonna happen..and even then, it's too late to do so.

This is very much a "too good to be true but oh god please let it be true" story.

They'll have to scale it back if it's now bound for Switch. 😉

It this ends up being true, I hope they ditch the dragons and bring back the dinosaurs (and swap out Eminem May Cry for the girl from the initial pitch).

So they should just go back to their originl idea? In that case they might not need to purchase anything from MS since the main idea ws a Wii game.

So they should just go back to their originl idea?

They might as well. The Wii's legacy would live on, and it might even be a little more manageable from a tech standpoint, since the devs wouldn't have to deal with flight. But most importantly: dinosaurs are simply cooler than dragons.

Fri Feb 22 19 05:46pm
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The thought has hit me. It was a game idea made for Wii to begin with, so why not just make back to that (but for Switch, of course. From the ground up)?

dinosaurs are simply cooler than dragons

That can be debated, but to each their own ;)


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