Capcom's upcoming lineup of Mega Man toys sure are...interesting

Capcom has some more Mega Man toys coming out in 2019, and various toy-makers were showing off what they're doing with the license at Toy Fair 2019. Included in the lineup were these 'Grinning' Mega Man and Proto Man figurines from contemporary artist Ron English. They're just one example of what's on the way, though. You can check out the full lineup of Mega Man toys right here.

Thanks to Andreslop24 for the heads up!

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Dear Lord, what were they thinking?

He looks like "The Guy" mascot from Disturbed. We just need him to go all "Land of Confusion" on us and punch the money out of an enormous fat man in a monocle with a blue fist. Or go all "The Vengeful One" and ride in on a motorcycle from outer space and Kamehameha a zombie man into a helicopter after destroying robot news anchors.

That's pretty much the only way I can make that toothy Mega Man grin cool.

Mega Man x Attack on Titan?

If you gonna make toys like that, make the games to go with it.

These are beautiful. Don't listen to the naysayers my little figurines; You. Are. SPECIAL.


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