U.S. government creates flash game about recycling, uses Yoshi's Island DS music in it without authorization

The U.S. government had a team create a flash game about recycling on behalf of the Environmental Protection Agency. Turns out the game itself took recycling to a whole new level, as the background music used at one part is recycled from Yoshi's Island DS. This song was used without permission from Nintendo, and the creators didn't even bother to rename the song's file name.

Check out the game here

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This is not your typical Adminstration.

It also uses the worlds ugliest gradient

We learned about copyright in high school and maybe even before then. How in the world does something like this happen? There's no way on this Earth that someone thought this was okay to do or was too ignorant to know that it was wrong.

This is not your typical Adminstration.

"It's Nintendo, right? That means it's basically public domain!" -Everybody, Apparently, 2019

Tue Feb 19 19 10:35pm
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As much as I can understand this, there is the fair use law. Which I believe has examples where copying legal content with a limited amount of specific purposes or one of them then there might be a chance that this is fair use, and if so, permission is not needed maybe.

Note: I am not too sure if this is really enough to be fair use. I just wanted to remind people that fair use law exist. XD


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