Multiple Zelda: The Wind Waker characters share the same body type

This just goes to show how much you can change things up with color combinations and faces! The tweet above gives us a look at various character models in The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker in order to showcase just how many of them use the exact same body type. This was done to save resources in the game for other areas and content. How many of you noticed this when you played through?


Tue Feb 19 19 06:00pm
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This is a very common occurrence in video games.

And anime. And movies using CGI crowds. I could even suppose 3D movies extras, though I haven't felt it.

I suppose it's only bad doing this when it feels like blatant copy paste, and the degree of the usage of this practice. JRPGs often have several NPCs copypasted close to each other, which does look bad, that if it where more spaced out.

Majora's Mask straight up just changed the color of the characters from Ocarina of Time and called it a day. Seems plausible they would do this in Wind Waker.

Inazuma Eleven does this for every single character

Is this supposed to be trivia?

I only noticed it for the kids on the island since their gimmick is looking similar and a few of the females looking samey, like that one person who knows the pot girl from Outset looking almost identical because she's her best friend.

That's pretty cool, I never actually noticed that the Windflall inhabitants used the same body. The only detail you notice is their face, so it is a perfect example of asset efficiency.


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