Arcade Archives: Ice Climber hits Switch on Feb. 22nd, 2019

Who's ready to go back to Nana and Popo's roots? Arcade Archives: Ice Climbers will be coming to the Switch on Feb. 22nd, 2019. We knew the game was going to head over to Switch, but we didn't know it would be dropping so soon!


This seems pointless when NSO is a thing.

Fully bored with this.

What's the difference?

It has entirely different levels, new music, new enemy and is meant for score chasing. It’s way better than the NES version by a long shot

Ice Climbers was my first NES game and I still love it today (and re bought it even not so long ago), so, it MIGHT be my nostalgia talking here, but hard to see it being better ;) I mean, sometimes I just casually play the first levels, as other times I go batshit on the later, more badass ones. I get satisfaction in any case...

Interesting. I'm pretty fond of Ice Climbers, so I might pick this one up.


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