Masahiro Sakurai drops by Brownies studio for a visit

Masahiro Sakurai has been a man about town lately! We've seen him popping up all over the place, and it appears one of his most recent stops was at the game studio Brownies. Sakurai stopped in to say hi to the team, and hang out with the studio's CEO. Seems like just a friendly visit, but you never know what other gears are turning!

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Who's the guy in the middle? He looks a bit like Link's cousin, Redser.

That's Chabo, main protagonist of a mobile game called Egglia.

I know thanks. It was meant as a joke, as there's only 2 REAL people in the photo.

Ah, my bad. It's obscure enough that you couldn't blame anyone for really not knowing though.

He's probably so glad to be out of the office. He made one of the top selling games of this generation. He deserves a victory lap.

>Nintendo plans on reviving cancelled/dead IP series

I was kidding when I said Magical Starsign, but YES PLEASE REVIVE!

I swear to any Gods that may be listening, if anything, and I mean ANYTHING Magical Series, or heck any Brownie Brown or Brownies IP made it into Smash I think I'd cry a river of joyous tears.

Is this company made of former 1UP Studio/Brownie Brown members? I swear that character looks like something out of Magical Vacation or even the Mana series.

You are correct, and the main artist of the Mana series did indeed work on Egglia (the character in the picture is from Egglia) and of course Magical Vacation (My god if Magical Vacation/Starsign got a new game or Smash representation I'd die)

Damn! If Sakurai would come to my workplace and would want to purchase beer I would have to ID him.

Wait...didn't they change the studio name to 1-up studio?

Yes and no. Brownie Brown became 1-Up, but the founder split up and made Brownies instead.


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