RUMOR - Nintendo and Microsoft working on 'big things' together, plus more talk of Scalebound revival chances

Liam Robertson has become very well-known over the years for being someone who can get inside info on games. He hunts down details on cancelled projects, and keeps his ear to the ground for up-and-coming info. His most recent feature can be seen above, where he covers some recent hot topics for Nintendo fans. He also hits upon some new tidbits. Check out a summary of the video below.

- Project HAMMER and Scalebound are unlikely to come back
- Project HAMMER was a mess of a project that caused a lot of damage
- Platinum has unannounced projects and pitches
- the decision to cancel Scalebound was a mutual one between PlatinumGames and Microsoft
- one of the biggest reasons it was cancelled was the tech could not run the vision for the game
- Scalebound was a very personal project for the team
- picking it up again when many folk who worked on it have left seems against PG's studio culture
- there's a rumor that Platinum has shelved a major project recently because they couldn't staff it
- there's no reason for Microsoft to sell Scalebound as it would do damage to Microsoft
- Robertson heard Nintendo and Microsoft are working on big things together
- he doesn't think PlatinumGames has the money to buy Scalebound


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Rare Collection on Switch pls

Rare Collection on Switch pls

That's the biggest I could see being practical.

That would be awesome, with the missing games included

I'm going to just assume it isn't quite as big as people are going to speculate.

And also I think Xcloud even is absurd, Nintendo would make so much less money than having less third party games on the system but having them being sold full price on the eShop through Nintendo, I don't know why anyone would think Nintendo would want to lose that income, and also, streaming multiplats on the Switch kind of misses the point of, you know, playing them on the go. 70% of people who own a Switch have a PS4 or Xbox One, (and most of that 30% are people who may not be interested in multi-plats in the first place), if they want to play games at home at a higher fidelity they have that option.

Banjo? Kazooie? My favorite duos! Please come back!

Wed Feb 20 19 05:09pm
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[wait, hold on, maybe not]

I think Microsoft should put Rare Replay, Cuphead, Sea of Thieves, Killer Instinct, and the new Battletoads on Switch. They would all sell extremely well.

I would personally love to see Donkey Kong Racing get revived

Remember how there was once a big project to remake Goldeneye for 360? But Nintendo wouldn't allow it? And we have rumours of a big cancelled project being brought back along with a rumour now of Microsoft and Nintendo working on big things together? Could those line up?

I'd be just happy having Rare Replay on Switch though, that'd be more than I need at this point :P.

This was the rumor going around back in the day but I don't ever recall it getting confirmed.

Then what's this?


And this was not an April's Fools joke.

My my my, this is a pretty Rare partnership

👀👀👀Hyyyype confirmed?

I heard that nintendo is doing something for the hardcore gamers in its online department. Now working with Microsoft doing something big means some sort of Xbox live connection for the switch?

I think it's more probable that Nintendo purchases everything Scalebound than having Xbox live on Switch. Also I think Nintendo would rather advance their onine nonsense to something damn good so to keep their pride (and hopefully learn from their mistakes).

But they say I'm a dreamer...

Is it crazy to think Microsoft might make a bid for Nintendo one day?

They did many years ago. Can't remember if it was during the N64 or early Cube days.

Was before the Cube somewhat. Basically thr GC could have been the first Xbox. Fun story BTW.

That'd be one way to make the Xbox brand relevant in Japan.

Hmmm... if it's not Scalebound, then what could the mysterious game be? Assuming this rumor is correct, that is.

Master Chief Collection coming to Switch: Confirmed.

Hilariously enough Microsoft did look into puting Halo on the DS years ago.

I would love to See Xbox One remote play on Switch

I don't buy the "they wouldn't bring back Scalebound because of developers who left" argument simply because the most important person, the director (Kamiya), is still at the company. I do, however, buy the argument that if it couldn't work on Xbox One, it wouldn't work on Switch, even if they were to reduce its scope. If by some miracle the Scalebound rumor is true, it's safe to say it won't be the Scalebound we knew prior to its cancellation.


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