Chinese cartoon steals 'Jump Up, Super Star!' melody from Super Mario Odyssey

Man, oh man. Why on earth does this keep happening?! Here we have yet another example of a Chinese property lifting something from Nintendo, and this one is extremely blatant.

The video above is for the Chinese cartoon 'Tortoise Hare Battle,' and anyone who's played/followed Super Mario Odyssey will no doubt recognize the song playing in the video. It may have different lyrics, but it's pretty much a note-for-note rip-off of Jump Up, Super Star!.


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This is why companies should stop investing in China. All your stuff gets stolen. They think they own everything.

Thu Feb 21 19 04:07am
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At least, they managed to make it sound boring all on their own...

This is why companies should stop investing in China. All your stuff gets stolen. They think they own everything.

Not surprised in the least. The only way I can see this getting resolved is if the Chinese Nintendo department cracks down on it (can't remember if they even have one). But nothing anyone outside the country does will change this. China has extremely lax copyright laws otherwise you wouldn't see all the garbage that's been straight up stolen. In comparison to what's been taken from Nintendo before, this is extremely tame.

Why is this filed under the “Top News” tab? It happens so often, is anyone really surprised anymore? Gotta keep calling them out, though. Can’t let them get away with it.

That lady was singing in chinese. Jump up super star is in English. Totally different songs....

Thu Feb 21 19 08:05am
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I can't tell if you're being serious or not...

Lyrics may be different but it's a rip off nonetheless.

Was that the cartoon?
The opening?
A montage?
I'm so confused.

You can totally here Jump Up, Super Star if you listen to the beat & way the lady is singing. What's with these comments saying "I don't hear it." wow.

What comments are you reading, because all comments I see here are not claiming they can't hear it. There is only one person who claims it's different because the language is different (and I feel he is being facetious there), implying also he hears that the melody is basically exactly the same

Then either they edited em or you're overlooking it. The comments are there, even on the Link within the article. I guess but people are dense so I'm never sure.

There are literally 0 comments on the source article from Nintendo Soup, and just 9 top-level comments on this article here on GoNintendo. Can't really overlook anything with so few comments. Like I asked, where are you seeing them, because it certainly isn't here

He's most definitely trolling.

I'm surprised how much worse they actually made the song. It's like stealing somebody's car and then beating dents into it with a baseball bat before you sell it to somebody else.

Not only did they steal the song. The slaughtered it.


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