Reggie Fils-Aime shares a heartfelt message with fans following news of his retirement, and industry bigwigs react

Reggie Fils-Aime is retiring in April 2019, as announced earlier today. Following that news, Nintendo has released a special video featuring Reggie himself. Reggie shares a special message with his legion of fans, which you can check out above.

Obviously this news is pretty damn big for not just Nintendo, but the world of gaming in general. Multiple big-name people in the industry have reacted to the news, which we've shared below.

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It's been a long run, but all things have an end. Thank you, Reggie, for being one of the best presidents a company could have.

That was a very nice goodbye message. It probably feels good to leave Nintendo in a good position and move on to just enjoying your life.

Good luck and enjoy things, Reggie.

Surprising news, end of an era. All the best, Reggie.

Gonna miss you, Reggie. I doubt the next Pres will have even an iota of your charisma. Probably won't like Metroid as much, either. Sad

Thu Feb 21 19 04:37pm
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my body was not ready for this :'(

Thanks for all the great memories Reggie, Its sad to say goodbye but greatful for all the magic unvailings and enjoyment brought through your presence representing everything big N!

Proper Legend!! Love to you and the family! All the best 😉

Thank you for everything Reggie

This makes me a lot more sad then i ever imagined it would. Just goes to show how much i love video games, and the connections thaf its given me. Most of my close friends were formed via gaming, and its my favorite thing to do

At the very least, he gets to retire on the high wings of being beloved instead of in a scandal or bad Health.

Wow he's retiring young.
So since Iwata died both the Nintendo of Europe president and the Nintendo of America president have left their positions.

It's great that they've promoted Doug Bowser rather than hiring in someone else.

Thank you for leading Nintendo for a long time Reggie.

You've been with us at times when Nintendo was doing great things, in times of crisis. You have been with us when Satoru Iwata was gone and those were hard times.

Thank you for all the fun times Reggie. I'll never forget those memes and those times when we see you directly.

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