RUMOR - Microsoft working on Xbox app and GamePass for Switch, Ori and the Blind Forest coming as well

The other day, Liam Robertson claimed that Microsoft and Nintendo were working on some big things. Now we have some supposed info on what that content is.

- Ori and the Blind Forest is coming to Switch
- Xbox app coming to Switch
- app allows Project xCloud and GamePass support
- Project xCloud will allow Switch to play games that the hardware couldn't support on its own

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Thu Feb 21 19 04:28pm
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Not cloud gaming... cmon -.-

I really need to play Ori. I've had a copy of the game for a long time, but never got around to playing it.

Me too... it's one of those games I got cheap in a Steam sale and haven't tried yet. But I always hear that's good.

I've played up to the end of the first dungeon. Prepare to have you heart torn out by the 15-minute mark...

It'd be really nice to see Nintendo and Microsoft team up to fight Sony. The bloated whale needs the competition. Not sure what Nintendo will give MS in exchange for all this, though.

(Hint: Put K. Rool in Killer Instinct!)

I feel like Cloud gaming could be Microsoft's way into the Japanese market. We sure know that Xbox hasn't worked.

Just started playing Game Pass stuff recently. Would love to have it on Switch, even if some games would need to be streamed.

Thu Feb 21 19 04:51pm
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Now put Banjo in Smash.

Microsoft's willingness to work with competitors leads me to believe (something I've been suspecting for a while), that maybe they're looking for a way to lighten the burden on their game division.

Between the PS4, Switch, and XBox live on PC, there's just not as much of an immediately practical reason to get an Xbox One these days, unless you don't have a PC powerful enough to run their games. Add to that, they're not really pushing for a ton of 1st party exclusives like they used to.

I don't see them going 3rd party any time soon, but like Nintendo seemingly merging their portable and console division while also reaching out towards mobile, Microsoft seems to be trying new things to keep the brand alive and the revenue flowing.

Thu Feb 21 19 05:03pm
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I was going to talk about this just yesterday in the thread about Scalebound. I feel like Microsoft this next generation will be much less centred around Xbox as an exclusive platform and more as a service. Between their push for cross platform play, continued dedication to Minecraft across all systems, PC releases of all Xbox One games and rolling out Xbox Live functionality to other consoles, it feels like they’re becoming less interested in the Xbox console being the exclusive way of experiencing Microsoft titles. I think they’ll still have Xbox consoles going forward, and they’ll continue to be the best place to play Microsoft games be it through best optimised performance or earlier access or whatever; but they’ll offer access to those games through other consoles through, say, GamePass apps; should platform holders allow it. This rumour only seems to re-enforce that idea.

Yeah, something weird is definitely going on with Xbox. It may be related to the fact that this generation hasn't gone as well for them, or the impending all-digital future, or the fact that the Windows gaming platform has always weakened Xbox's exclusivity. I wouldn't be surprised if Microsoft does something significant in the near future. But I'm not sure what that is. I guess that's what makes these rumors so exciting. Nintendo could gain a lot from Microsoft (a better online system, for starters).

If true, what does all of this mean?

Will Microsoft leave consoles and make the Xbox brand a digital service? Kinda like the Epic Game Store. I also have vibes Google and other big companies will try doing something like that.

I don't know what to make of this. True/False, Positive/Negative.

I can't wait until "We won't port to Switch, a portable, because you can stream xbox on it. What? Portability? Why would you want that?" is used...

While this would be HUGE if true. I cant stand cloud stream gaming. But alas if I wanted to play Microsoft's games natively I would've bought an XboxOne by now....but sadly the only Xbox exclusives I care about are Cuphead and Rare Replay. Neither game is worth plopping $300 down for.

The approach is being less exclusive, and being more inclusive. That generates way more revenue and thus clout for third parties to support. It’s smart and something Microsoft can do given the resources.

Think of it this way, if Google blocked off YouTube (since the buyout) from iOS and Windows and made it exclusive to its own Android devices, would it be the most popular video site today? Nope.

It’s a better strategy to deliver games on over two billion combined iOS, Android, Windows 10, Switches, and Xbox devices than only the 40 million Xbox Ones and create a platform that others can use for their own purposes. Even if it has a 5% attach on those devices, that’s 100 million devices served at least. That’s the Wii’s lifetime sales equivalent, but as active subscribers, they’re all actively using the service. At $10 a month for Game Pass, that’s a billion dollars a month. Plus add controller sales for the phones, Xbox Live Gold, the a la carte Xbox consoles to buy for playing on your TV (if you aren’t using a Switch or want it in 4K), and the better licensing deals attached because of the new fans, that’s a good business model. And that’s just if it had a low-key 5% attach. What if it had something high, like Pokémon Go’s attach...

Would be really cool if it included streaming from your own system. Like stream from your Xbox One to your Switch like you can on Windows 10 devices, so local streaming rather than cloud streaming

..oh, so it's mostly cloud gaming, and I already own Ori on GOG.

Want to make an actual impression MS? Port over Rare Replay and Gears of War 1/2/3.

I basically gave my XO to my friend/landlord/bassist since it was just gathering dust here. But it's obvious that things are happening at the MS gaming department. I remember a rumour about Scarlet (code name for the next Xbox) being 1: a streaming device and 2: a mighty home console. Which is actually a smart move. For those who want the Netflix like gaming service (and has the internet speed for it) they just get that streaming thingy and for the tech geeks, the home console version would be great. The XoX is damn fine spec wise. BUT! But what's in it for Nintendo? Yeah, sure, get some MS games over to Switch/Switch2 and people can go nuts about it. I mean, a lot of change has happened within Nintendo the last years so they could have a good del with MS. Their relationship with Sony will always be tainted it seems. Also, Sony is NOT going to E3 this year...... Crap the gaming industry is changing a lot these days. Told you guys 2019 will be an interesting year for us gamers =)


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