Final Fantasy IX Remastered Vs. Original - comparison footage

Nintendo fans know just one version of Final Fantasy IX, as the Switch release is the only one to ever hit a Nintendo system. That means we got the remastered version, but are you curious to see how it stacks up to the original? Check out the video above to see a comparison.


Thu Feb 21 19 09:22pm
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One of my favorite games. The remake is too bright, and the cut scenes should have been original aspect ratio. Stretching them out makes everything look weird. A

It's also unfortunate that they introduced an audio bug in the remake, and it still hasn't been fixed for the Switch release.

Fri Feb 22 19 04:17am
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I agree 100% stretching a gorgeous looking classic game and neglecting the vision of all design and form of the original creators is such a bad idea.. All circles in the game will now be.. squashed the towers will not be circular and the faces will not have the same look. This is definitely not how a remaster should be done.

EDIT: I can see now, the comparison video must have screwed up and not the remaster.. I'll explain below here.

From what I see though, is that it stretch it back to original CRTV format... These TVs pixels were not squares, so emulated games of these generations are always horizontally squeezed... and the stretch looks like it's just putting it back to the right proportions. IMHO.

Sat Feb 23 19 04:12am
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I've been looking into it some more and it seems to me now the creator of this comparison video has screwed up, because I don't see this stretching happening in other videos of the Switch version..

But in this (wrong) comparison the remaster was actually shown stretched, for example:
0:26 the towers and all circular forms throughout in the shot down on the castle.
1:24 the window in the door is not completely circular anymore. You can't see the original (circular) window in this comparison because they've been showing it off way too dark. But when you look it up you'll see the window wasn't squashed originally, it was a perfect circle like you would expect.

To me it seems really bad to send out a comparison video which messes up important stuff like aspect ratio and brightness.. It's like fake information : /

Having an absolute blast playing this, though I think calling it a Remaster might be a stretch as it is just a quick port with some fixes here and there. People keep rumbling on for some music glitch yet I hardly notice anything so no reason for to make that big a fuss. I hope the game sees a sequel in the future.

I see everyone mention the audio glitch yet nobody mentions the botched analog controls. The joystick simply as the eight D-Pad directions mapped to it so the joystick acts as a D-Pad despite the original supporting analog controls from the get-go. This makes pinpointing a specific spot with Choco to dig up chocographs such a drag!

The original is vastly superior to this disgustingly vaseline smeared, colour trashed mess of a port.

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