Doug Bowser being welcomed into his new position with Doug Bowsette memes

Doug Bowser may have been with Nintendo for awhile now, but he's really getting a warm welcome now that he's been announced as Reggie Fils-Aime's president. With a last name like Bowser, you knew all sorts of jokes and memes were coming. The one that really seems to be taking off is that of Doug Bowsette, who you can see above. Apparently a lot of fans had the same idea as soon as they heard about Bowser's promotion. Looks like Mr. Bowser has his first real meme that's sure to follow him for years to come.

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I feared that this was going to happen

Not only is he NOA’s president, he’s also Reggie’s president? This guy is going places.

Reggie Fils Amie has ascended from being a human to being a nation.

We all knew this was going to happen. I'm no good at art, we knew the Bowsette part, but unfortunately there's no female equivalent of Doug(Douglas), to make it complete. I checked. :p

Reggie gets Regginator memes as a welcome to Nintendo stardom and Doug gets Bowsette. I suppose it's appropriate for their respective eras.

Fri Feb 22 19 06:02pm
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I see shit like this and I feel like a grumpy old man when I think "Things used to be so much funnier back in the day". Social media has only made Nintendo fans more obnoxious.

Just wait until all these preteens grow up and become Ninty employees. The premier launch title for the Switch 4 will be "Waluigi & Bowsette Dabbing Dating Sim: 15 Layers of Irony Edition".

I wouldnt worry too much. Humor tends to swing back and forth between tones and themes across generations. Edgy <-> Wholesome, Ironic <-> Sincere, Nonsensical <-> Logical.

And if it's any consolation, memes tend to only go one way. Companies trying to appropriate internet memes rarely go over well.

I would legitimately buy this, though I do admit it is a bit odd for me to find it ridiculous enough to work considering I find many of the Treehouse localization work that includes memes to be terrible. Maybe because you took it so far?

"Bowsette memes are dead"! Oh, see, now Bowsette is the new president of Nintendo of America. Take that.

Note: Someone, send this man a crown.

guess im not sleeping tonight.

Internet, you do not disappoint.

It's good that Mr. Bowser is getting weird memed early on.

Reggie's like "Welcome to the party pal!"

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