Warframe's 'Fortuna: The Profit Taker' update submitted to Nintendo for approval

Another big chunk of content is coming to Warframe on Switch soon. The second part of the Fortuna update has been submitted to Nintendo for approval. Check out the full details below.

In the late hours of the night, our team has submitted Fortuna: The Profit Taker to Cert! This is Part II of our Fortuna Update, and now we wait for word on its approval & launch!

You can look forward to ALL of what Part II has to offer, as well as some Switch specific content like:

Nintendo Switchâ„¢ Specific Fixes:

Fixed an issue where players could not be selected from the Chat list.
Fixed an issue where the Show Profile option in the Chat player dropdown menu would not function correctly.
Fixed an issue where the Inspect Player functionally would not work correctly.
Fixed an issue where clients would not see the laser doors during Orb Vallis rescue missions.
Fixed Friends list not accurately showing all Switch friends.

TennoGen Launch: Nintendo Switch!
3 Bundles of TennoGen have made their way to Nintendo Switch, with more to come very soon!

Nova Visage Skin
Mirage Morgaine Skin
Trinity Knightess Skin
Ember Graxx Skin
Saryn Graxx Skin

Volt Zener Skin
Wukong Auman Skin
Loki Incubus Skin
Excalibur Apex Skin
Rhino Mastodon Skin
Harrow Graxx Skin

Naru Syandana
Mithra Heavy Blade Skin
Rhino Teutonic Helmet
Loki Ersatz Helmet
Loki Rogue Helmet
Mesa Falcon Helmet
Nova Tachyon Helmet
Wukong Xingzhe Helmet

With all that said, there is still ongoing work behind the scenes on performance gains that we are hoping to make. We have some promising leads, and will update you as the weeks go on!

We will notify you as we learn more about the Cert status!

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Waaaay more excited about the Tennogen cosmetics than anything else.


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