Pokemon GO trainer arrested for punching a cop

A 40-year-old Pokemon GO trainer in Japan has been arrested for punching a police officer.

The altercation took place when a group of trainers gathered at a hotel to catch Pokemon. This large group was inadvertently blocking the entrance to the hotel, which is why policemen were sent out to relocate the players. The 40-year-old man got angry with the request, told one of the officers it was his fault that he couldn't catch a Pokemon, and then punched him.

No word yet on how much jail time the man will receive. We'll be sure to keep you updated on that info when it comes in.

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Sat Feb 23 19 03:22pm
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It's super effective!

At least he got one good punch in.

Sat Feb 23 19 04:55pm
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This is absolutely reprehensible, indefensible conduct
Unless, you know, the officer kept him from getting a Shiny.

I think this man probably needs to be put down for his own good. 40 years old and assaulting law enforcement over Pokemon Go? This dude is practically a Yakuza substory.

I love how good RMC is at finding the appropriate pictures to go with news.


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