Funko wants to work with Nintendo on Nintendo-themed Funko Pop! figurines

It's hard to believe, but Funko doesn't have any Nintendo-themed Funko Pop! releases. The figurine that seems to have covered every pop culture brand under the sun is still waiting to work with the Big N on a line of characters. While nothing is announced at this time, baby steps have happened in terms of Funko's deal with Pokemon Co. for a line of figurines. Funko CEO Brian Mariotti had this to say about the matter.

“We still have to get those Nintendo characters. To build that relationship is super important to us. We all grew up playing Pokémon, with so many fans around the world, it’s amazing to land that license finally.”

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I never understood the hype of Funko Pop figures. I don't wanna buy a creepy eyed, dwarf version of my favorite character.

I remember reading an article from around 2014 about Funko wanting to make Nintendo themed Pops but Nintendo turned their offer down because of Nintendo's strict policy about not wanting their characters to look too off model from their original designs or something like that

And amiibo happen in 14

Sat Feb 23 19 04:20pm
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I don't think that had too much to do with it. People would buy Funko independent of amiibo

Ooh! I’m excited! I hope it’s official because I got some Funko stuff at home!

Sat Feb 23 19 04:08pm
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This is one time that I am glad that Nintendo is hyper protective about the most minor details of their characters. No way will Nintendo allow Funkos typical "quality."

I feel like fans who don't want this need to preemptively strike, make sure Nintendo knows it's fans would not want this to happen.

I never understood the hype of Funko Pop figures. I don't wanna buy a creepy eyed, dwarf version of my favorite character.

That's what turns me off with Funko's pieces. The soul-less dead eyes.

I understand with markets you have to have something to separate yourself from others, but sometimes that can be a detriment too.

Sat Feb 23 19 09:23pm
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Sounds like Link in the Link’s Awakening remake, actually.

I like the anime Pop figures, so I’d like to see Fire Emblem ones.

Sat Feb 23 19 05:16pm
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nightmare scenario engage

I'm a pretty hardcore collector, so please, God no! I don't want to have to chase down exclusives and variants.

Good. I'm not really a fan of these figures, I'm getting sick of them taking shelf space at retailers.

Not to mention they kind of ruined conventions for some people

I don't mind Funko figures. The Spyro and Sparx one from a few months back is actually great, and so are the My Little Pony ones.

Part of the appeal is actually that they do have Funko Pops for franchises that don't have much merchandise or any merchandise. It's nice to have a tangible item when there are otherwise none. Not to say they are settling for something that's "good enough", I just mean they're nice to have.

I mean, you certainly won't find me jumping through hoops to get one, but they're still neat, if you ask me. I have no intention of arguing with the folks that don't like them, though. I mean, it's subjective, after all.

I personally find Funko figures to be quite ungly, I'd much rather ANY figure that comes out of japan instead of these....

Sun Feb 24 19 07:31pm
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The best thing Funko can do to help is to give Nintendo the phone number of a company that makes figurines that AREN'T ugly.

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