Microsoft's Major Nelson shows some love for Switch

For those who don't know, Major Nelson is Director of Programming for Xbox Live. The Major has taken to Twitter to share some Switch love, as you can see above. Even when the power is out, with the right set of tools, you can get some gaming going on the Switch!

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Xbox Live is just going to replace NSO entirely isn't it?

No, the whole announcement of XBL tools for developers of other platforms was misinterpreted.
NSO is here to stay.

Do you really think Nintendo is going to give up $20 a year from their customers so easily?

I wish that was true!

I honestly think we all slipped into a alternate Timeline...from politics to Microsoft being buddy buddy with Nintendo....heck, even Sony say their praise....though not as much as Microsoft has bee as of late. At this rate, I would not be at all surprised if Microsoft and Nintendo collaborated on a console together, pooling resources and combining each of their strengths.

Xbox One has legitimately done so poorly in comparison to the PS4 this gen that I would not be surprised if Microsoft hedges their bets on supporting Nintendo by providing them their IPs and infrastructure in exchange for a wider install base. Next gen I could easily see Xbox being an app only streaming service on Switch 2 or something.

This is lovely. But Major Nelson has always been a cool guy.

Also, it's pretty well known that the relationship between the three companies is more or less amicable, even when they are rivals... (Ignoring the "sick burns" from the announcements of PS4 and XBone at E3 2013)

As a bit of a sidenote, he actually shows an image of all of his installed games further down in the messages. Pretty nice little collection. :3

I've never heard of this guy before. Did anyone else think of "I Dream of Jeannie" upon seeing that name?

The one major thing I wan out of this partnership is for Nintendo to learn how to do online properly like Xbox (PlayStation) does.

-Party Chat
-A messaging system
-More apps like Netflix, Spotify, other entertainment apps
-Voice chat in all compatible games without the use of the stupid app
-THEMES (this is such easy money. I don't get why they haven't done this yet)

Microsoft teaming with Nintendo? Hah..what a joke.

What's next? Rumors spreading around that Microsoft plans to buy Nintendo?

What are you talking about? Microsoft has already worked together with Nintendo before by putting Minecraft on the Switch (and I believe 3DS and Wii U too)

Eh...Minecraft is a bit salty.

What I'm talking here is how absurd two fist parties are working together rather than competing each other.

Not sure if you are making that joke purposely but when Microsoft was getting into home consoles around the time of the Xbox they had tried to make such an offer.

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