EVO releases "Thanks, Melee" video feature to say goodbye to the game

As you might have noticed earlier tonight, EVO 2019's lineup of games didn't include Smash Bros. Melee. It appears the game's run at the show is over, as Smash Bros. Ultimate has taken its place. EVO knew this move would be a controversial one, which is likely why they released the above video. A fond farewell to Melee and all the EVO action it provided.

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I'm sure Melee fans are being totally calm and collected.

I'm sure Melee fans are being totally calm and collected.

Most of us are. We realize that half the games there paid to be there and that they won't be there next year when the money isn't there. Melee, meanwhile will be fine with other great tourneys like CEO to go to this year, then come back next year to be one of the three top viewed games like always. Melee has been through way harder times than this.

Wed Feb 27 19 03:40am
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It’s trending on Twitter because the community is full of toxic whiners with anime avatars. They’re crying for being “booted” by an event they always say they don’t need/isn’t good. Lmao.

Dead game! So long!

Dead game! So long!

Yeah, it's totally all the Melee people being toxic and stirring up shit...

Not too surprising. IMO Melee's a better game than Ultimate but Ultimate is prolly a more entertaining one to watch.

Spare a moment of sympathy for the people in charge of unlocking all the characters at each Ultimate station.

>Melee's a better game than Ultimate
>Ultimate is prolly a more entertaining one to watch

Does not compute.

Watching a game isn't playing a game. Things don't have to be good to be entertaining.

Richter Belmont is my husbando and I like watching him beat up the ugly Donkey Kong lizard. \(≧◡≦)/

Rather than a lack of interest, a lot of people suggested it may just be a logistical move to skip Melee. It's the only game that require's CRT televisions, which take up a lot of room and are a pain to move around. Among other reasons.

And this reason alone is why I wouldn't mind an HD port of Melee.

It's not even that. EVO, most people are saying EVO just prioritized games where the publishers gave them money in order to host the game. It certainly wasn't lack of interest considering Melee is always top 3 for viewership.


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