Pokemon Direct: Feb. 27th, 2019 - Live stream/blog recap

- The next mainline Pokemon games on Switch are called Pokemon Sword and Shield
- the games take place in a new region with never-before-seen Pokemon
- the games take place in the Galer Region
- the games are due out late 2019 worldwide
- Grookey, Scorbunny, and Sobble are the new starters

- there will be 'many other' works from the Pokemon team to see release in 2019

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I am beyond hyped for this!!

I really hope following pokemon are in this. I'll be really sour if they remove it again.

Well, that was shorter than expected! And the stream sadly died for me constantly, so I only managed to see half of it. I'll have to check the VoD version and come back to this post later

Wed Feb 27 19 09:19am
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Honestly would have preferred if they did away with random battles. The world would look so much livelier. Can’t get everything, I suppose.

I can agree with this. I would've loved it if it had Pokémon running around like in the Let's Go games, but still have battles against wild Pokémon like the traditional games. That would've been the best of both world for me.

But like you said, can't get everything

But that would defeat the purpose of getting a random pokemon.

And the hardest decision I'll have to make all year is which starter to go with..

Leaning towards Sobble.

Random encounters is a real shame

Yay Gen 8 here, i Will choose sobble

bahamut omega
Wed Feb 27 19 11:05am
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Given the looks, I'm just thankful it's a more temperate region again.

I'm hoping the list I gleamed as possible gyms via one image that was expanded on Serebii.net will be right. As far as I could tell we probably have grass, ice, water, ground, dragon, steel, normal, and what looks to be either ghost, fairy or dark from the looks of things.

Just hoping we can actually change the trainer's clothes now. I mean asides from the football kit that gets used for what I'm assuming to be gym or stadium battles.

Side note, did watch the trailer via Twitch.

there will be 'many other' works from the Pokemon team to see release in 2019

I hope one of those is a new Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game. Or hell remake Rescue Team and/or Explorers. =)

A mobile game, a spinoff game and the Detective Pikachu movie. Seems the most likely line of thought.

I'll need to hear that this game is dramatically different from prior games before I get on board. The environments look nice, though.

I’m probably on board anyways but I do concede that so far what we’ve seen has been pretty safe but there’s also plenty time left to see more.

I did always expect a step back towards the traditional formula because Sun/Moon felt like a “holiday” from the norm in both gameplay, and setting.

I’m hoping it’s less linear that previous games. I’d love to be able to visit gyms in any order and they would scale depending on your level at that time or depending on the order you visit.

It didn't need a seven minute direct to just show the game. A small trailer is enough to get hyped.

As of now, none of the starters look good...ok fine maybe that bunny one but still...it feels like its becoming Black and White again.

Looking good so far! Scorbunny will be my choice! Unless the final evolutions change my mind. Was hoping to see even greater graphical leap forward, but this is Pokemon after all.

I personally thought it looked way better than any of the previous games, but I do think that the art style kind of masks that improvement (is rather ageless, so harder to notice improvements). Scorbunny is probably gonna be my starter too, though my interest in Grookey was piqued due to using the stick in its hair as a tool. Only a few Pokemon that use tools (Cubone and Timburr line are the ones I usually think of), so it's nice to see a starter showing that trait.

Damn this looks great! I'll be going Sword and Sobble at this point.

My faith wavered for a moment, but was never truly lost. Glad to see that I can keep it; gonna hold off on picking a version till they talk exclusives though; Lucario was in the trailers, and having one on the team as early as possible in a new game is mandatory for me.

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