LEGO Ideas submission shows what Zelda: Breath of the Wild's stable might look like

LEGO my horses!

Could this be the LEGO Legend of Zelda idea to finally jump from concept to reality? LEGO fan Hanwasyellowfirst has put together his idea for what Breath of the Wild's stables could look like with a LEGO design, and the concept is pretty fantastic looking. If you want any chance of this actually being turned into a real LEGO set, hit up this link and cast your vote!


That looks really nice. I'd like to see other concepts.

Wow that is REALLY COOL

I recall most of the Zelda designs getting far and then being shot down because Nintendo said no. I cant imagine this would be the one to take off. Doesn't Nintendo have a partnership with KNEX or something?

Yes, and that's probably why they never do a Lego set.

And it's a shame. I wish they'd just end the deal with K'Nex and make an awesome Lego Zelda set. It's two things that would go really well together, like Lego and Minecraft did. Some people suspect Nintendo and Lego are still sore at each other over their building block lawsuit from decades ago.


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