Renewed advertising push for Super Mario Party in Japan has fans wondering if DLC is on the way

Pushy Penguins 2.0?

A lot of people have wondered why Super Mario Party didn't get any DLC. Be it new game boards, modes, or mini-games, the entry seems ripe for DLC efforts. That's why it's surprising to see that Nintendo hasn't even made mention of DLC plans for the game. While we wait for anything from Nintendo on that front, some fans in Japan are thinking content is in the works.

Multiple Japanese Switch fans have noticed a big increase in Super Mario Party marketing lately. Not only does that include online adverts across social media and more, it also includes new efforts in-store. Some retailers are even putting together new sections/displays for Super Mario Party.

We know Nintendo likes their longtail sellers, but these marketing efforts seem like they have more of a purpose behind them. I guess we'll just have to cross our fingers and hang tight!

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I certainly hope so! I've enjoyed the game, but the substantial lack of Game Boards was a little sad.

Tue Mar 05 19 01:29pm
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Hate that Nintendo does this now. Lots of people have moved on and already given up on the game, it needed more content at launch.

Totes agreed.

But I still feel like Nintendo has an obligation to put more content into it.

I think obligation is too strong of a word. I can choose to not buy it if it doesn't have enough content. If someone wants to buy it as-is for $60 then that's on them. That being said, I think adding more content will attract more buyers.

Wed Mar 06 19 01:50am
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I guess you’re right. Nintendo never promised it would keep adding content to Mario Party, unlike Splatoon or Mario Tennis.

Good news! New character DLC for Super Mario Party! ...what? Pauline? E.Gadd? Dixie Kong? Some other reasonably important and iconic character? LOL no! You'll be getting a Goomba to play as! Isn't that just awesome!

More likely it will be Spike and a generic Toad.

I'm personally hoping for new boards. The 4 we started with got old quickly.

Pauline, Dixie, and K.Rool would be awesome DLC additions. But more than characters this game needs boards (hopefully some of them are bigger like the first 8 Mario Party games).

FFS. Let us play all minigames online
Bonus if there's online board maps...

The lack of online boards is the reason I haven't bought it. I really hope that's what they add.

I feel the game was worth $60 at launch. The 4 boards had the same theme but different layouts and game play between Mario Party and Partner Party. To me it felt like 8 boards. That being said I would like some new boards and characters for Mario Party and Partner Party.

Bayonetta, Joker and Piranha Plant confirmed.


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