Detective Pikachu gets a PG rating

Hell of a sensible rating

The latest Detective Pikachu trailer sent shockwaves through the community when it showcased Pikachu uttering the word "hell."
Was that a sign that we're in for an edgier, PG-13 affair with the film? That will not be the case, as the movie received its official MPAA rating today, and it ends up with a PG. The PG was given for action/peril, some rude and suggestive humor, and thematic elements.

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No fair! I want this to be a rated R movie! All humor aside, I'm still gonna watch that film when it launches.

I'm not really knowledgeable about movie ratings, so I'm assuming this would be like an ESRB's E10+?

Same here. What does PG mean?

PG stands for Parental Guidance...and means parental guidance is suggested. There could be some elements that some parents would take offense to, but nothing major by any means.

Wed Mar 06 19 02:48pm
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VERY Rough translation:

G is like E
PG is E10+
PG13 would be T
R is M
NC17 is porn AO

Wed Mar 06 19 02:51pm
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I'm not really knowledgeable about movie ratings, so I'm assuming this would be like an ESRB's E10+?

Pretty much, only except movies can get away with more stuff due to not being interactive.

Also the movie's staff probably wanted to do this:

To summarize it:
If a movie got a G-rating, teens and adults would avoid the movie out of spite (or think of avoiding it as they don't want the stigma of watching a "kiddie" movie). But if the movie went farther the other way (PG-13 or R), then kids would be banned from seeing it.

So the movie's staff went with a PG-rating to make sure the movie can be seen by everyone possible.

EDIT - Ninja'd.

I honestly can't think of a G-rated theatrically released movie made in the last two decades.

That's because the rating system got flanderized and now by default anything CGI or live-action is PG unless stronger explicit content is put in to raise the rating higher.

It's a stereotype that even Nintendo is harmed by.

G-rated movie - A baby movie
E-rated game - A baby game

So now everyone just aims for PG to get the kids to see it (and PG-13/R for those who only want to draw in older kids and adults). Just like game makers aim for E-10 to get the kids and T/M-rated games for those older kids and adults.

The word "hell" is a problem? Really?

(fyi: I'm german, words like f***, sh** or a** are considered strong language here, but not hell.)

Pretty sure they were using "hell" on occasion on afternoon Toonami 15 years or so ago. So... yeah, not really surprised it's a PG. I've heard it's actually about quantity. If "What the hell?" was Detectivechu's catchphrase, then they'd probably up the rating. But being used only once isn't a problem.

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