Washington Capitals players get Wario and Bowser tattoos to celebrate their Stanley Cup victory

It's good luck...TO THEM!

Forwards for the Washington Capitals, TJ Oshie and Bretty Connolly, wanted to celebrate their Stanley Cup victory in a special way. Turns out that meant getting tattoos of Wario and Bowser respectively. Wondering why the duo picked Mario characters to have forever stamped on their bodies? TJ Oshie explains in the snippet below.

“In the playoffs you get a team suite when you’re on the road because you’re playing in the same city a couple times in a row, which you don’t do during the regular season. So they kind of make a suite for us, and I got kind of addicted, I guess, to playing Mario Kart with some of the fellas.

It was kind of our routine in between games on the road to get a couple games in. Well, I guess more than a couple for some of us. But it was just kind of a bonding thing that we had, but yeah, it was fun and now I got Wario tattooed on my leg.”

That routine of playing Mario Kart was part of the season where Oshie, Connolly, and the whole team took home the Stanley Cup. Seems pretty fitting to pay tribute to the time spent playing Mario Kart during the season! Also, for those wondering, the gang was playing Mario Kart 64 on an actual 64 that they lugged around with them from town to town.

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A fine bit of advertisement, permanently attached to successful athletes' bodies.

That will be impressive when they're old and saggy.


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