Devolver Digital confirms E3 2019 press conference

Embrace the weirdness

Devolver Digital has the best E3 press conferences, hands down. The company doesn't take itself seriously at all, and they put together presentations that would feel at home on Adult Swim at 4 in the morning. The press conferences have been successful in gaining a lot of attention for just how damn weird, wacky, and wonderful they are. That's why we're elated to learn that Devolver is once again hosting a press conference for E3 2019. It's sure to be pre-recorded like previous presentations, and will likely be completely over-the-top in the best way.

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Thu Mar 07 19 03:55pm
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This is one of those cases where I would put quotes around "press conference".

Its definitely fair to criticize press conferences but if you do satire you have to be funny, and the past 2 have really been more "ooh meme" than actually smart or funny.


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