RUMOR - Devil May Cry 5 director says a Switch port of the game might be considered if Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen sells well

Maybe could potentially be considered as a possibility

Some Devil May Cry 5 devs have stated that they'd like to see the series come to Switch. That we know for a fact. Now we have a bit of a rumor, which supposedly comes from a M! Games interview with Devil May Cry 5 Director, Hideaki Itsuno. According to a fan translation of the interview, this is what Itsuno says when asked why Devil May Cry 5 isn't on Switch.

We started the development of DMC 5, while we didn't have the dev kits for the Switch. Because of that, we concentrated on the PS4, Xbox One and PC versions. If Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen sells well on Switch, then we might consider porting DMC 5.

I would imagine that a port of DMC 5 to Switch would be one hell of an undertaking. There might be some teams out there who would be up to the task, but I guess that won't even be considered until sales for Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen come in.


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Thu Mar 07 19 11:49pm
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Sigh...I hate it when developers make "ransom" statements like this. The games couldn't be more different, but hey you won't get DMC 5 if you don't buy Dragon's Dogma.

And I say this knowing that I'll be playing the game tomorrow on PS4 anyway. It's just that statements like this always bug me regardless of whether or not they affect a game that I want.

Funding for games is normally decided at the start of development, so if a team doesn't plan for a console at the start, its very hard for them to add funding for said platform later down.

If the team is willing to do the port, thats great, I'd assume the Dragon's Dogma issue is related to Capcom wanting evidence of possible sales before funding the port, not necessarily any hangups on the team's end.

This. People don't seem to realize that they just can't slap another console on at the last moment if it wasn't in the project plan to begin with. That's why stuff like DMCV which was in dev for a while wasn't ever planned for Switch since they've worked on it for a very long time now. Same with RE Remake 2. I don't get why people act surprised when devs have to be skeptical on if it's worth the effort when it applies to any platform. (Yes, former exclusives on Switch/XBO/PS4 end up taking time to come to other systems for the same reasons, so sometimes they end up not doing so at all)

psi wind
Thu Mar 07 19 11:29pm
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The RE engine so far has looked to be pretty well optimized overall. Even the base PS4 can run the game at an almost locked 60, with the base X1 getting it the worst but still at least above 45 frames or so at minimum. I can see a DMC5 port to be possible if they play around with the settings and take some visual fluff out.

Thu Mar 07 19 11:49pm
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Sigh...I hate it when developers make "ransom" statements like this. The games couldn't be more different, but hey you won't get DMC 5 if you don't buy Dragon's Dogma.

And I say this knowing that I'll be playing the game tomorrow on PS4 anyway. It's just that statements like this always bug me regardless of whether or not they affect a game that I want.

To the eShop I go! Dun nu nu nu nuna nun!

If that rumor is true... and the negotiation have meet their satisfaction of the selling of Dragon's Dogma for the Switch, it would be worth the wait when CAPCOM ports Devil May Cry V for the Switch.

What rumor.
What negotiations.
I have no idea what you are saying at the start.

The rumor is about Devil May Cry 5 for the Nintendo Switch.

The negotiation for CAPCOM's demand is to see Dragon's Dogma on the Switch to sell great. If it does, only then they'll consider porting DMC5 to the Switch

If that confuses you, I strongly apologize to you.

I don't know if I'd describe that as a negotiation, Capcom's not really negotiating anything, they are saying if the sales of project x are y than they will release z on Switch, not any real negotiation there, either it happens or it doesn't.

Okay... I respect you for that.

Fri Mar 08 19 12:23am
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"...then we might consider porting..."

In other words, we're not going to port it, but you should buy the other game anyway. If they haven't already considered porting the game, they're not going to port it.

It's a consideration because there's zero reason for them to do so if it wasn't in the original project plan. If they were developing the game for a while and then the Switch came out of nowhere, they aren't gonna delay the entire game for a Switch port since that would be dumb, unless it wouldn't take long to port or if it was early enough that it was feasible. Not to mention that after the Wii U, Capcom had no reason to automatically mark the next nintendo platform as one for DMCV of all things, while MM11 I think they always planned for the next Nintendo system even before the Switch was out since it's a mainstay.

Even if this other Capcom game sold well, it's an old port and wouldn't really 100% reflect the chances of DMCV on switch. Rather, a more accurate way to test the waters would be with DMC 1-3 on Switch, but the cart size situation may make that impractical to release, so they could end up going with DMC4SE instead.

Then again in the case of DBFZ, if they feel like taking said risk and the game's a long-term product where they can get it up to the other versions in terms of DLC parity and whatnot, they can still release it a bit later if they start work on it later. The question is whether or not a late port is even worth doing by then. It's been slowing down lately due to the switch being out long enough for some developer planning for games to be made with switch ports in mind, but long-term games like Deep Down or FFVIIR are probably not gonna make it.

Nobody suggested that they should have had the game in development for Switch earlier. What I said was that they clearly weren't actually going to consider porting the game to the Switch, because if they thought the game would be worth porting to the Switch, they would have already started considering it. Their choice of language gives away the truth.

If they were considering porting it to the Switch, but had decided to wait to see how Dragon's Dogma did, they would have said that they would port it if Dragon's Dogma did well. They said they [i]might[i] consider it if Dragon's Dogma did well.

And as you point out, the longer the leave it the less it would be worth doing. So if they were being honest about their intention, they would not only have considered releasing it on the Switch, they'd have done some initial work on it so that it can be ready more quickly.

I have no problem, inherently, with a company deciding they want to see how another of their games goes first, before committing to developing or porting a particular game. I have a problem with dishonest developers using the passions of fans to boost sales of another title by implying they'll release a game that they have no intention of releasing on that system.

It's not the first time that they've done it. Remember on the Wii, when they ported Resident Evil 4 (from the GameCube, which means it didn't require much work), and said that if it does well, they'd support the Wii with more content like it? RE4 did well (as in, sold better than GC and comparable to PS2 - not bad for a port of a game from 2 years earlier), and the Wii got "Resident Evil: Umbrella Chronicles" with a similar promise ("more support if this does well")... it sold well for a spinoff... and Capcom just made more ports of old RE games and another spinoff like Umbrella Chronicles. Meanwhile, Resident Evil 5 was released for PS3 and 360. The truth is, they never intended to make good on their promise of more real support.

And the same is true here. They have no intention of releasing DMC5 for Switch, whatsoever. If Dragon's Dogma does well, they'll find an excuse not to follow through.

Fri Mar 08 19 12:23am
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Oh i'm sick of this crap with devs/pubs. I think Nintendo fans have made it perfectly clear we want this kind of stuff on our system along with the fact that we want ports of the new games close as possible to the other versions release dates.

If i recall it wasn't that long ago they asked fans to basically port beg for a port of this. Now that fans have done this now it's oh if this other release sells well we may consider it. 8 out 10 pubs/dev have already proven their games are selling better on Switch if not just as good as the other consoles.

They need to get over their Wii/U era phobias for crying out loud.

I have a hard time believing this sort of statements. If it's a matter of making enough money to work on a new game, sure. Or if it's about one game and its sequel, or a very similar game. But to judge the performance of one game based on that of a completely different game doesn't really make businesses sense.

The director is the same across both DD and DMC so that's why since it's another of his games

Same director doesn't mean sales are correlated. I would assume the sales of the Bayonetta games is a better indicator than Dragon's Dogma.

There's something familiar about this statement...

This place... I've been here before!!!


The first rule of Capcom tests is that you can't pass Capcom tests.

Sounds like to me if you don’t eat your vegetables you won’t get any dessert

Dragon's Dogma may be a bit too much. Try something like Monster Hunter selling well.

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