RUMOR - This week's Sonic the Hedgehog movie leaks might be of an earlier design for Sonic, overall appearance could be different in the film

There's still hope, Sonic fans

Some of the biggest news to come out this week was related to more leaks of Sonic as he appears in the upcoming Sonic the Hedgehog film. Or at least, that's what the internet at large thought he would look like. Some new info has come out from the gang over at Tails' Channel, and it gives us some slight hope that Sonic's design might be tweaked a bit for the film.

- the most recent Sonic movie leaks/renders will not appear in the film
- these are screengrabs from a video that was pitched to Sony pictures prior to Paramount taking over
- the full render image is not the 'definite, final render' for the film

Thanks to Andreslop24 for the heads up!

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Somewhere at Paramount the visual effects division is frantically re-rendering every single frame of the movie with the classic Sonic design.

Fri Mar 08 19 02:59pm
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If this isn't the official Sonic render, then Sony should just go ahead and reveal the character already to clear the air, even if the trailer isn't until later. It sounds like the movie is mostly, if not already, done, so I don't know what Sony is expecting to gain by just continuing to delay the reveal. I highly doubt they're planning on completely redesigning the character at this point, so they really should just reveal the character already, so they can get the initial reactions over with, so that when a trailer comes out people can actually focus on the movie rather than just the Sonic render.

Every second I care less and less about this movie. I can't be bothered by this constant "No wait the design is actually worse, no wait its actually better" on loop.

Honestly my biggest issue with Sonic’s movie design is that it’s too “American” looking for my taste.

I'm American and I want no part of.that awful creature.

Let me rephase what I was trying to say. I feel like the design falls into the same pitfall that most Western interpretations of Japanese characters fall into

And yet Mike Pollock acknowledged the design in his tweet of "We get it, the design leaked"

No one to blame but themselves for teasing his design months ago and failing to deliver considering the movie releases this year.

Honestly.. burn this design with fire. Then leave it to die a slow, agonizing death on the side of the road somewhere.

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