RUMOR - Home Run Contest and Stage Builder to be added to Smash Bros. Ultimate

Too good to be true?

We know more content is coming to Smash Bros. Ultimate. More characters and stages are on the way, but what other content could see release? Dataminers have discovered some information that could potentially point to the inclusion of both Home Run Mode, as well as the Stage Builder. I'm sure many fans would love to see these added in, so keep your fingers crossed!

Thanks to cm30 for the heads up!


Meh about Stage builder. Stage builder in Smash has always been lame and half baked. Unless they improve the quality of the mode I'd much rather have had break the targets back.

Ever since Brawl I always had the idea that the best of both worlds would be to mix those two ideas:

"Break the targets creator"

So there are far too many characters in order to create specific stages for each one? Well, leave it to the players then. Make your stage, set your targets, clear it and upload it to the web. In a single weekend we would have hundreds upon hundreds of creations and a rating system and social media would allow us to play only the very best of them.

While I approve of this idea, I don't see this happening for one reason:

As in Mario Maker, you'd have to successfully destroy all the targets before it gets approved. But in Smash Bros., it'll have to be done with all the characters on the roster. However, a solution would be to limit the stage to one specific character.

I was under the impression that that is what he meant at first but idk

So there are far too many characters in order to create specific stages for each one?

Well... I kinda missed that part, somehow! xD
Yeah, it's alright then.

I never cared about those two modes. But I’m not going to complain about extra content - bring it on.

I only ever played Home Run Contest to unlock things, so I didn't miss it all that much in Ultimate. But it did surprise me that they didn't include it, since it seems like one of the easier modes to implement.

Wouldn’t be surprising if these modes were ready to go at launch but Nintendo pushed for them to be released later, assuming this is true. They’ve been all about keeping their multiplayer games regularly updated for a while after release (ARMS, Splatoon 2, Mario Tennis Aces) to keep the conversation on them going. Paid DLC is one way to do it but significant free updates keeps everyone having a reason to keep playing.

Wishful thinking but I'd really like to see something that combines the Brawl stage builder and the Wii U stage builder. Drawing with a cursor on the TV or your finger combined with pre-made assets is ideal. I'm okay with some generic themes for the stages, too. However, I'd also like to see other themes like Super Mario, Zelda, Metroid and F-Zero. Some of the pre-made assets could have random characters in the background of them. Like F-Zero's Pico cheering on the fighters on a platform designed to look like it was lifted from an F-Zero game!

I just want to make Bowser's Castle and have it seem like a legit stage.


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