Disney uses the DuckTales 'Moon' theme from the NES game in the new DuckTales cartoon...and gives it lyrics!

This gave me goosebumps. ...duckbumps?

Oh man, this is such an awesome nod to classic DuckTales and Nintendo fans. I absolutely love when stuff like this gets referenced in sneaky ways. Something newcomers would never notice, but old fans will applaud.

Thanks to @Timothuney for the heads up!

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Sat Mar 09 19 02:31pm
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Bring back darkwing duck disney. Fans would love that especially considering that you made an amazing came out for Drake.

Think I still prefer Brentalflosses' lyrics.

Crazy duck in space~

That's really amazing. So happy that this version of Ducktales has been great.

I thought I was crazy when I watched this with my son today. So glad to have it confirmed.

Sat Mar 09 19 06:21pm
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if you watched last season of the show, you would know that darkwing duck actually "appears" in ducktales as a tv show in their world, and they do acknowledge him

The finale of the first season used a jingle of the moon theme too, just enough so those who knew it friggin KNEW it.

This reboot has quite simply been brilliant. The voice cast, the recreated characters (especially the kids), the blatant use of the Disney universe around it, and the epidodes as a whole are just magnificent. If I have any downside, it’s as a Darkwing Duck mark that I’m sad he was relegated to an old TV character Launchpad likes, yet Talespin is canon.

Hold the phone.. Talespin is Canon to DuckTales?!? That's sooo cools! I love the newly revitalized Disney Cartoon Universe!

Yea, the setting of TaleSpin, Cape Suzette, exists as Donald wanted to go there for something I won’t spoil. Also, Don Karnage is a villain in an episode (though he’s very different here).

Oooo, I hope that the new Disney service adds these old shows that the new DuckTales references!

Knew there were a reason I loved this show!

Love this show so much. It's fantastic.


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