Media-Create co-founder expects Switch growth in 2019, believes the platform will last for 7 years

Every single week, we bring you the Japanese hardware and software sales. Those numbers come from Media-Create, as they track game sales across the country. Now Media-Create co-founder Atsushi Hosokawa has stepped away from sales reports for a moment to make some predictions.

Mr. Hosokawa talked to Bloomberg about the game industry in Japan for this year, and he foresees it being a good year for the Switch. Mr. Hosokawa expects the platform to achieve growth in its third year, and believes the platform will have a life-cycle of seven years.

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Gonna seriously need some serious hardware revisions if they are gonna go for 7 years, i mean a switch pro with more power.

Wii lasted 6 years, 3DS lasted 6 somehow, DS lasted a bit over 6. Switch is one of Nintendo's fasted selling consoles, and it seems like it will be the easiest to make a Switch Pro for since it is designed around Tegra and is the most competitive console they've had (not in terms of success but in terms of target market) since the Gamecube. 7 years could be easily achieved, even without the Pro.

But times are changing,Ben! There is no chance the Switch, as it is today, will last another 5 years with the PS5 and NextBox coming around next year and now even Google seems to be on boeard. So the Switch 2 HAS to happen if they wnt to stay relevant. And don't BS me about "it's not the same market" because they are fighting for the same customers. It IS the same market: The gamers!

But the Switch IS doing damn fine, and this year looks amazing (a bit sad they didn't have any big hitters Q1 though). But the updated Switch is inevitable.

70% of Switch consumers have a PS4 or Xbox One in the US. I'm not really sure if PS5 and Scarlet are really going to hurt Nintendo that much. I fully think that there is still a notable market that would buy the Switch if it had more multiplats... but it has had so few multiplats that new consoles aren't going to change a thing. Its not like PS5 means anything more to Switch than PS4 does now.They are in the same market, for gamers, but gamers are a lot less closed minded now than in the 90s, most people are willing to buy more than one consoles. I'd say Sony and Microsoft have more reason to be concerned by Google than Nintendo, streaming is not at the point where it can replace portability quite yet.

Again, I would love more multiplats, but that doesn't suddenly mean you cut off support for your best selling console. Imagine Nintendo saying "hey we have a new console for $300) in 2021. The response will be ("I just spent $300 4 years ago on a platform assuming it would have a long life, and it was one of your fastest selling ones, why in the world do I have to do that again") (Wii U didn't sell well so it was clearly necessary). Nintendo should make a more powerful Switch to get some multiplats while OG Xbox One / PS4 are still supported, and they likely will but that will NOT be a new console, its not a cell phone, we aren't getting a Switch 2 and 3 and 4 every 3 years. It will be a Switch Pro, and it was going to happen PS5 or not, even 3DS got one. And I don't think Nintendo or any exclusives will drop original Switch support when that occurs, I'd say the only exclusives for a Pro would be multiplats that need the power.

I'll have to disagree on some points here, but first I will agree on the mentality of gamers have changed somewhat. There are still "brand loyal" gamers out there (Gaystation is a word I often hear from the anti-Playstation crows even today...And Nintendo iz for teh kiddiz). Such is life.

Now! The three (perhaps soon four) are all after the same gaming market. BUT! With the PS5 and Nextbox just around the corner I am sure a lot of third parties are working closely with them for their next big hitters. Wouldn't surprise me if Cyberpunk 2077 would come to those systems. And when that happens (it's not if, it's when) then today's Switch will be forsaken from most third parties apart from indies. So NIntendo HAVE to soemthing to compete. I wouldn't be surprised if they beef up the Switch like with hte New 3DS but we can still use the joy-cons and dock etc. Could be a cheap way to upgrade.

Call it a "Switch Pro" or "NEw Switch" or "New Switch 2" or "Wacka Wacka Bing Shackalamb". The name is not the point, the point is that Nitendo have to do something when the competition gets heated again. And if it's 100% backward compatible with the original Switch I can see it be a nice extension. And now tat Nintendo are venturing into VR, a "New Switch Pro Ultimate 2" could truly happen. I don't think they will drop the hybrid idea any time soon, but they have to follow the competition anyway. Times are changing and so is Nintendo BTW.

Oh well. We'll see soon enough I guess. Next week we might see what Google are up to and that can be big for the industry. The PS5 and NextBox will also be shown this year also. In any case, it's very exciting to be a gamer these days.

i think is high likely that Switch will outsell the Wii and have a lifecycle of 7 years

Nintendo already confirmed that the switch will have a long lifespan. It has to since it's doing wonders for Nintendo. And 7 years isn't enough as it will be 10 years or so.

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