Nintendo's Shinya Takahashi and Hisashi Nogami talk doubt during the Wii days, making games for everyone, Miyamoto's position, and the challenge of game creation

Keen insight from Nintendo's dynamic duo

Believe it or not, Nintendo has been around for 130 years. While they bounced from idea to idea early on, Nintendo truly hit their stride when they entered the video game market. Making games has been Nintendo's bread and butter for years now, and there's definitely no signs of the company stopping! In an interview with the Guardian, Nintendo's Shinya Takahashi and Hisashi Nogami address some topics that have come up during their time with the company.

Internal doubt about the Wii

Takahashi: “Even among our developers there are often doubts! When the Wii remote was first introduced as a concept, the reaction was: what is that? Is it real? Will it actually work? But once we’d all tried it, we were surprised and delighted by it, and that made us realise that it was going to work out. With the Nintendo Switch, we all knew the concept, but when we picked up the prototype for the first time and saw Mario Kart running perfectly on the smaller screen, we were flabbergasted. Even people who are well aware of the concept and design can’t always tell if something’s going to work.”

Combining different types of devs to make games for everyone

Takahashi: “Right now, because people of different generations are now working together, they’re always coming up with different ideas about how best to provide a meaningful surprise to players. And I think our job is combining these different ideas to create brand new ways of entertaining people. If we notice that only the senior male employees are gathering together to discuss an idea, one of us will say: we need to get some different perspectives on this.”

What Miyamoto does within the company right now

Takahasi: “He is not involved in the minute details of development, but does oversee entire projects and identifies major issues: this part is bad, this part is bad, THIS part is bad …. If he says something’s good, it’s rare, and you know it is. He’s actually a shy person – even when he thinks something is well done, he would not often say that to someone directly.”

On more people playing games, and the scramble to try and entertain them all

Takahashi: “Thirty years ago, if we asked the question, ‘Do you play games?’, the answer might have been yes or no. Now, if we ask the same question, the great majority of people are going to say yes … We are trying to entertain [all] those people. Like a swan, we look elegant above the surface. But underneath the water, we might be paddling like crazy.”


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Okay that’s a bit of a stretch right there.

Characters in Paper Mario? Not on my watch!

People seriously still believe that myth? It's not Miyamoto, if anyone it's Kensuke Tanabe, he became the head producer of the franchise around Sticker Star. Tanabe's best known for working on the Metroid Prime series so clearly his strength is more in action adventure games that focus on smaller casts than RPGs with large ones.

Wed Mar 13 19 06:11pm
Rating: 3

Please just retire, Shigeru Miyamoto. You've done nothing but harm in the past few years.

Okay that’s a bit of a stretch right there.

Don't you think that is overdoing it? Nintendo would not be here without him.

Thu Mar 14 19 01:58am
Rating: 2

So? I never said his past accomplishments mean nothing; what he is CURRENTLY doing is detrimental.

mr life
Thu Mar 14 19 10:11am
Rating: 2 (Updated 1 time)

If that's the case than explain Breath of the Wild, Super Mario Odyssey, the Splatoon series, and the Nintendo Switch in general? Like seriously if Miyamoto was such a detriment towards Nintendo in the last few years than BOTW would've just been Skyward Sword HD, Mario Odyssey would've been New Super Mario 3D Land World 2, Splatoon would've been a Mario spin off and the Nintendo Switch would've been the Wii Switch. I get that Miyamoto isn't perfect but there's a point where you just got to let it go.

Fri Mar 15 19 12:32am
Rating: 1

Exactly. It's still baffling ng that people blame him for screwing up paper Mario which is JUST one IP BTW.

And he himself admits that Nintendo needs younger staff to take the lead for their ips.

Wed Mar 13 19 06:36pm
Rating: 1 (Updated 1 time)

thanks Nintendo for all the amazing games that you developed and produced i have been a fan of you since a was 4 years old

Nintendo you have always been not just a part of my childhood but also a part of my life. You made me happy for so long. I love you as a company and as a friend.

Keep making people smile Nintendo. The world needs happiness.


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