Gearbox has Switch fans wondering if a port of Borderlands 2 is coming

Running for the Switch border?

Gearbox has put out the image above via Twitter, stating that they're teasing another game reveal for PAX 2019. Right off the bat, fans recognized this image as coming from Borderlands 2.

Borderland 2 is already available on multiple platforms...so what could be left? If it's not a Switch port of Borderlands 2, quite a few people will end up being shocked.

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Thu Mar 14 19 04:51pm
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Why not just the whole collection?.

like i mean why not. like they did with the ps4 and xbox one. i guess maybe the porting process.. all i know is they are gonna port this over, it better be cheap.

If they port the Handsome Collection to the Switch I'll definitely buy it (it comes with 2 and The Pre-Sequel, as the original is often regarded as the weakest in the series and doesn't have anything to do with the Handsome Jack storyline).

Borderlands 1 hasn't aged too well on the gameplay and The Pre-Sequel is just a meh game from what I understand.

Join Skyrim, Doom and LA Noire in the club of games to go on Switch after playing around with VR

Borderlands 2 is one of those games I regret buying. I hate games where the enemies level up at the same time you do, because it makes progress feel meaningless.

And Tiny Tina was too obnoxious.

Whereas BL2 is one of those games I was happy to rebuy twice (first in the Handsome collection and then the VR version). I’ve loved the whole series. To each their own.

Urgh, Borderlands. I don't think a game has ever tried harder to get me to hate it. Someone gifted me the one that takes place on the moon(?) and i just muted all the dialogue to get through it.


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