Axiom Verge - Wii U version finally getting NA retail release, trouble between Limited Run and BadLand

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Fri Mar 15 19 12:45pm
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inb4 "Why bother?". I'd happily buy a Wii U copy. I hope they recover the money they lost in all of this, though.

Dang, it sounds like they went through hell to release this, and there's no way it's going to be profitable to them. Still, I admire that they finished it anyway.

Limited Run Games are useless. They produce games in small quantities and they're only released in the US. I'd rather see a bigger company, with more commitment and further reach publish games like this. Their output on Switch is terrible as well. The prices are generally high too.

But that's the point, right? If there were a market for a large quantity, a normal publisher could just release them normally, and charge normally for them. Limited Run is operating on a different market.

That's literally what companies like Merge Games and Nighthawk are for. LRG is for publishing smaller titles that have no way in hell of getting picked up by the average retailer (save for the recent Best Buy partnership but even those are limited and don't sell that fast) so I'd say it's good at what they're doing. The only reason the switch games are higher priced than PS4 games is due to the cart costs (which is why they usually step back from bigger sized games) so that's really just another case of Nintendo's crappy medium.

I will give you the Wii U release being a bit pointless for those outside of the US though, since it has region locking and thus only people in the US can play it. But they do a great job usually

My god, BadLand is truly awful then. I hope LRG can sue them and get their money back, plus damages.

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