Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker's DLC Ending Features An Interesting Mario Connection

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The Captain Toad: Treasure Tracker DLC has arrived and features a bit of a surprise in its ending! We give our quick thoughts on it and what this "Super" connection to another Mario game could mean for the future of Captain Toad!


could this be a hint that Captain Toad levels will be featured in a Super Mario Odissey sequel or a Captain Toad sequel

No it's a hint that Captain Toad will be in Luigi's Mansion 3 or a DLC character for Smash Bros.

Fri Mar 15 19 06:31pm
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No it’s a hint it’s in the next PlayStation Allstars...

Come on, get real. It’s just the crown that transforms Toadette to Peachette from New Super Mario Bros Deluxe. I don’t understand how you guys overlook the simple links in favour of “SMASH BROS CONFIRMED!” type idiocy.

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