Suda51 still hopes to release a 'complete' version of Killer7

That would be Killer

Not that long ago, Suda51 revealed that the version of Killer7 that saw release was just a small glimpse of what he originally planned for the game. At that time, Suda51 expressed interest in somehow getting that other content out there, but he would need Capcom's blessing to make that happen. Now in an interview with Nintendo Life, Suda51 has given an update on that situation.

I had a very interesting conversation recently with the producer at Capcom, [Hiroyuki] Kobayashi-san and we promised each other that we will make a completed version of Killer7 in the future. Only one third of my original script was used for the game, so there was 60% not used at all. So the complete version will cover all of my script. It’s not 100% going to happen of course, but maybe in the future we’ll be able to deliver the complete version of Killer7. I’ll do it before I retire!

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Come on Capcom. We've had our problems but this would change everything. It's time to let Suda's vision be fulfilled.

You could tell the game wasn't complete. That was one of my favorite gamecube games and it would be cool to get a complete version.

I hope we'll get a port of the remaster first

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