SEGA confirms production of the next major Sonic title


During SEGA's Sonic panel at SXSW, the Sonic dev team confirmed that they have started production on the next major Sonic title. They didn't share any other details at all, so we have no idea what it's going to be like, or what platforms it will be available on. It'll likely be awhile before we see or hear any other details, so we'll just have to hang tight.

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I hopped into the stream midway when someone asked about a Batman Sonic crossover, asking how Sonic would beat the Joker. Couldn’t turn it off faster even if I wanted to.

I'd like to see the character customization come back. I haven't played Forces at all, but the character creator seemed like a great idea. Maybe just give people more options to start with and more options in general.

Sat Mar 16 19 03:06pm
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In what world is this considered an acceptable announcement.
Its like Nintendo saying that they have a new 3D Mario in development, of course they do. Or HAL confirming they are making a Kirby game. Any Kirby game.

Its not like I'm too concerned about Sonic as a game series but I still want them to market properly...

Nintendo did do that with 3D World, and Smash 4, and BOTW.

That 1 hour livestream was a complete waste of my time. It SUCKED! Yes we all know the next Sonic game is in development you didnt need to tell us if you didnt have anything to show..

I hopped into the stream midway when someone asked about a Batman Sonic crossover, asking how Sonic would beat the Joker. Couldn’t turn it off faster even if I wanted to.

Sega never disappoints to disappoint. All they would have had to say was Sonic Mania 2 and I would have been hyped. Announcing Sonic Mania 2 would have hyped me more for Sonic Kart.

I think that's the case for most Sonic fans right now.

Sonic Mania 2, sounds boring as feck. I'm sick and tired of Classic Sonic, and nostalgia pandering.

That's nice. I still want Sonic Mania 2! 🙂 I think the best part is that Sega can have the same team that did Sonic Mania do Sonic Mania 2. That'd way they're free to make another 3D Sonic game that kids love.

I don't what people were expecting from this. It's not like they were trying to give us a reason to be really hyped to see the panel. The announcements were fine

And the cycle will go on.

I kind of wish Sega would either just keep making games like Sonic Mania, or just go whole hog with the humor and self-awareness that their Sonic-related social media/the Sonic Boom TV show had. I'd go for a Sonic game that was an official parody of Sonic and made fun of itself and its fans.

im one of these guys who dont want or care about another sonic game. they all play the same. his gimmick, the speed run its what hindering him form having a good 3d game.

But will we have the chance to go fast with this next game?

As long as they remember to make the Switch version the worst even though it will sell the best, all is fine.

The next Sonic game will feature Sonic with 2 eyes, blue arms, white hands and Nike sneakers.

Sun Mar 17 19 04:24am
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If Sonic Team is developing it, we already know it will be a piece of garbage. Why is that studio allowed to have so many chances? Remember when Eidos took Tomb Raider away from Core and gave it to a team with talent? Worked out pretty well.

They need to:

1. develop a concise and well thought out idea for this next game and stick to it. Likewise don't try and reinvent the wheel again.
2. staff the team with competent developers who know what they're doing.
3. Give said team the time to actually make it.
4. Not restructure the team half-way through development.
5. Actually market the game in a way that makes it look appealing and doesn't lie to consumers.

Sonic Team had a massive restructuring for the first time in years a while back so... we'll see what this means for the development of Sonic games.


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