Japanese flyer for Super Mario Maker 2 showcases Super Luigi 8-bit sprite

More hints at co-op?

This flyer for Super Mario Maker 2 might not look like anything special at first glance, but there's one particular portion of the image that's intriguing. Down on the bottom-right corner, we get a look at a Super Luigi 8-bit sprite. That sprite actually comes from Super Mario Bros. Deluxe, where Nintendo updated the Luigi's look from Super Mario Bros..

In the original game, Mario and Luigi looked identical when they grabbed a Fire Flower. In Super Mario Bros. Deluxe, Luigi was given a color change so that he looked different from Mario when grabbing the Fire Flower. Check out the image below to see Super Luigi and Fire Flower Luigi from Super Mario Bros. Deluxe below.

Why would Nintendo include the Super Mario Bros. Deluxe 8-bit Super Luigi sprite in Super Mario Maker 2? While there's no official reason yet, it would certainly play into the discussion of 2-player and co-op. Many believe Super Mario Maker 2 will feature some sort of two-player mode. If that's the case, the inclusion of Super Luigi's coloring from Super Mario Bros. Deluxe makes sense. This would be an easy way to differentiate between Mario and Luigi when they both pick up the Fire Flower power-up. If Nintendo stuck with how things were in the original Super Mario Bros., both characters would look exactly the same!


Well it would be weird to include images of Luigi in cat power-up costumes in the promotional art if they weren't planning on him it in some way... makes me wonder if they'll be adding other playable characters, since Toadette is in there too, also in a cat costume, something totally new to the Mario series if I recall.

At this point, I think it's safe to assume the game will support coop, which is awesome!

Pretty clear to me there'd be simultaneous co-op since the first trailer showed off artwork of builder Luigi

There's some really cool puzzles and things you could make with co-op. I hope they have some more competitive options too.

If not a co-op mode, at least it's evident we're getting more playable characters this time or a Luigi Maker mode with his physics.

could this be a hint that multiplayer will be included in Super Mario Maker 2


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