Mega Man 3's 'Hard Man' was originally called 'Press Man'

I still laugh at the name

All the way back in 1990, Capcom released Mega Man 3. I was 8-years-old at the time. When I saw that Mega Man 3 had 'Hard Man' as a robot master, you could imagine how quickly the juvenile jokes started with friends. We were all young boys, and thought 'Hard Man' was the funniest name ever. Why on earth would Capcom choose the name 'Hard Man'?! Turns out that wasn't the robot master's original name.

Back in Capcom World-News #6, which only released in Japan, we get to read up on the robot masters for Mega Man 3. Included in the document is 'Hard Man,' but he has a different name! The original plan was to call him 'Press Man,' as he was akin to a machine press/hydraulic press. Man, what a better name that would have been! Now we know the robot master's original name, but still don't know why Capcom decided to scrap that name and run with 'Hard Man!'

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Yeah, "Press Man" is WAY more fitting for him, and it finally makes sense what they were going for.

I wonder if they were worried players might think they were fighting a journalist.

But what would he be pressing at?


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