RUMOR - Speculation on Nintendo creating their own phone once again bubbles up

Can you hear me now?

Will Nintendo create their own mobile phone? That's a question fans have mulled over for years and years now. This was something long before Nintendo joined the mobile scene with software. Hell, Nintendo even had a patent for a gaming phone! The question is, will Nintendo ever REALLY pull the trigger and make it happen? The latest rumblings come from Digitimes, who share some information from their 'industry sources.'

Despite the fact that gaming handsets are a niche-market segment, other players including Xiaomi, Vivo, Nintendo and Nubia are either strengthening their presence in the market or planning to enter it, said the sources. ...There have been speculations about Nintendo planning to launch a gaming handset that can integrate with its Switch consoles, the Japan-based vendor has yet to respond to such speculations.

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So will we need to use the app on another phone to voice chat on this thing?

This is barely a rumor. It seems more like speculation.

Nintendo isn't making a phone. No one would buy it and it would barely benefit them.

"no one would by it"

Branding is a huge deal. Nintendo is literally the biggest gaming brand in the world..if razor cam sell phones Nintendo definitely can.

Hell I'd buy it.

First of all can Razor sell phones? They can try but have they stated that they have been successful yet? I genuinely don't know, I haven't been following it too much.

Of course saying no one is hyperbole, someone would buy it, but you have to account for:
-Nintendo clearly isn't about to make an android phone, consoles make them a lot of money and they aren't going to start competing with themselves. (Makes no money on mobile game sales). If portability is an issue, they are very likely making a smaller Switch. Which would be even more reason to not make a smartphone.
-Based on this rumor the phone would necessitate connection with a Switch, limiting the market greatly
-The phone would also now be far less versatile as it is now just an addition to a console and not a full smartphone
-The smartphone industry is already so competitive. There are a lot of other companies Nintendo would compete against, and they will have far more features. Reminder that not even Microsoft and Sony could succeed in that industry.
That isn't really a set up for success...

If they make a smaller Switch would it be compatible with games that make use of the controllers separation or would the smaller Switch just be locked controllers. I guess that would leave Labo out though.

It would have separateable controllers. Nintendo has a whole team of engineers, they can figure it out.

That's all highly speculative. For all we know it just runs a custom Android OS like one plus and is reasonably priced. For all we know they team up with a well known manufacturer like one plus or apple or Samsung ect. This is just a rumour, really when you have as much capital as Nintendo you can do whatever you want

So will we need to use the app on another phone to voice chat on this thing?

I was instantly reminded of this...

I don't want a Nintendo phone. I need to be able to do everything I can on an Android phone. I can't sacrifice things I use daily just so I can play Mario. Also I just want a gaming system not a phone I have to pay a monthly bill for.

If at all true, which it likely is not, I could totally see this being a possible proposition for a Switch Lite/portable. Picture a portable-only Switch without detachable Joy-Cons that can make calls and run Nintendo’s mobile apps + a handful of 3rd party apps.

Sweet Nintendo is making a phone so we can use their phone app to voice chat on their gaming console!

I'd buy it. I'm a phone guy, I'm not crazy about the games but Nintendo has been pretty solid with stuff like Dragalia lost and fire emblem.

I want Nintendo to use my existing phone as an additional controller for certain games on Switch. Imagine having a map or inventory screen on your phone during a BoTW type game. It's similar to the Wii U GamePad but won't be as big and would be a bit more practical.

A Nintendo phone doesn't really translate considering how much people use their phones for other reasons.

Imagine having a map or inventory screen on your phone during a BoTW type game. It's similar to the Wii U GamePad but won't be as big and would be a bit more practical.

Wasn't that what Microsoft intended to do with SmartGlass at first?

But yeah, I'd love that as an option. The use of the screen is one reason I like LEGO City Undercover on Wii U.

If it happens, I'm calling you RMC so we can discuss P'Zones and Metroid.

If they make a phone, they should add buttons to make it feel like it's a gaming phone.

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