BadLand Publishing releases a statement on the Axiom Verge situation

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Last week, all hell broke lose pertaining to the Axiom Verge's long-delayed retail launch on Wii U. The picture that was painted was not a pretty one for BadLand Games/Publishing, the company responsible for getting the game out there. Things only got worse when news quickly followed that Thomas Happ, developer of Axiom Verge, never received donations that BadLand had promised to send his way.

Today we get an official statement from BadLand Publishing on the matter. You can read their entire response below, and make of it what you will.

Madrid, March 19th, 2019: As a result of the latest unchecked, non-contrasted news published and related to the sale of the Axiom Verge videogame, BadLand Publishing has been immersed in a succession of news stories that, without being related to the company, are damaging its image. It is for this reason that Luis Quintans and, by allusions, BadLand Publishing want to clarify that:

Neither Badland Games nor Luis Quintans have NEVER made any kind of profit from the sale of the game Axiom Verge.

Due to the commercial situation of the company Badland Games, motivated by the impossibility of financing due to the restrictive attitude of the financial market, last October 2018, goes into bankruptcy due to lack of liquidity.

As there were not enough assets to meet the claims against the bankrupt estate, the company's registration sheet was concluded, extinguished and closed. This entailed the absorption by the creditors of any possible profit or income derived from the sales or products belonging to or generated by Badland Games.

Both Badland Games and Luis Quintans have recognized at all times the existing debt with Limited Run Games and Tom Happ Games. They have repeatedly contacted them, attempting to resolve the debt, taking the initiative to reach out-of-court payment agreements to which either no response has ever been received or which were never accepted. The only answer is the filing of a lawsuit in the United States in which no execution took place in Spain.

It is suspected that all this is part of a defamation campaign that seeks to promote third parties to the detriment of our interests, something that is evident if we take into account the suspicious closeness with the launch of the title.

Badland Publishing also has a different administrator and shareholder structure from Badland Games. Luis Quintans is just another employee at Badland Publishing.

Finally, we would like to thank the patience shown by all media who have maintained a neutral and purely informative position on the matter.

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Kinda hard to make money when you don't publish the game.

Save your breath and tell it to the judge!

Tue Mar 19 19 03:20pm
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this statement somehow manages to look even more unprofessional, or at least the same level as the godawful abysmal THQ Nordic disaster from a while back. Basically taking no accountability or mentioning why they're publishing other games with funds from AV while screwing over folks like LRG, Adelman and the Velocity2X devs.

What happened with Velocity2X?

Tue Mar 19 19 06:22pm
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They basically advertised the Vita edition as a CE... but included no CE items in the CE when the PS4 version got them. They only sent them to vita buyers many many months after the fact via mail when they complained. The dev also got a bad cut out of it

Oh gross. Was this with the older BadLand Games or the newer BadLand Publishing, out of curiosity.

that disgusting this company must sufer and pay for its consequences and do not make excuses

Neither Badland Games nor Luis Quintans have NEVER made any kind of profit from the sale of the game Axiom Verge.

Maybe there's a little bit of a language barrier here, but wouldn't that mean that they both HAVE made some kind of profit? xD

Scum company. I don’t believe for a second that if reasonable resolutions in terms of paying LRG/Happ were being offered that those parties would ignore them.

This would be disgusting for any developer to have to deal with but given the circumstances of Happ and his son especially...man it sucks. I bought the Euro collectors edition in no small part thanks to BadLand’s promise to donate 75% of the proceeds to Happ in aid of his son. The fact they didn’t actively promote that made it even more honourable of them. Feel pretty betrayed by this company myself...God knows how Happ/LRG must feel.

Have no idea what this means but from other comments, it's still a scum company.


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