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Indie onslaught

The Switch Nindies Showcase: Spring 2019 is starting in just a few minutes! We'll keep tabs on all of today's reveals in the post below.

- Cuphead is coming to Switch, and it's due out April 18th, 2019
- Overland, fro the creator of Canabalt, is heading to Switch this Fall
- My Friend Pedro is launching on June 2019 as a console exclusive
- Neo Cab, a story-focused game taking place in a dystopian future, is coming this Summer
- The Red Lantern, a game centered around dogsled racing, is coming to Switch later this year
- Darkwood, a top-down survival horror game, is coming to Switch this May
- Katana Zero, a side-scrolling beat'em-up with rewind mechanics, hits Switch April 18th, 2019
- Double Fine is bringing Rad, a game about using mutations, to Switch this Summer
- Creature in the Well, a top-down mash-up of pinball and hack-and-slash, is coming to Switch this Summer
- Bloodroots, a top-down action game, hits Switch Summer 2019
- Pine, a primal fantasy, open-world. third-person, action adventure game, comes to Switch Aug. 2019
- Super Crate Box, with new multiplayer content, hits Switch April 2019
- Nuclear Throne hits Switch today
- Vlambeer Arcade is a collection of different arcade-style games that will be updated over time, and it's hits Switch later in 2019
- Swimsanity, a multiplayer underwater shooter, comes to Switch Summer 2019
- Into Creates and Sunsoft are bringing Blaster Master Zero 2 to Switch today!
- Stranger Things 3 comes to Switch July 4th, 2019
- Cadence of Hyrule, a Legend of Zelda/Crypt of the Necrodancer mash-up, is coming to Switch this Spring!

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This indie direct was incredible. Nintendo teaming with indie developers? Cuphead on Switch!? Please Nintendo if this Zelda crossover does well, let Playtonic Games borrow the DK IP!

This indie direct was incredible. Nintendo teaming with indie developers? Cuphead on Switch!? Please Nintendo if this Zelda crossover does well, let Playtonic Games borrow the DK IP!

Blaster Master Zero 2 today? A lot of cool announcements today and they almost flew right over my head.

Well, I do declare. That was not something I expected

Wed Mar 20 19 12:36pm
(Updated 1 time)

Not even joking, my jaw hurts. It dropped at cuphead, i got all choked up at red lantern (this coming from someone who can't stand dogs i.e. phobia), by blaster master zero 2 my mouth was unnaturally dry and now my jaw is completely locked- open and agape... CRYPT OF THE NECRO/ZELDA...... WUT!?

Now I basically have no use for my Xbox One anymore! It was my Cuphead Machine =)

But damn! This was WAY more exciting than that Google service thingy-mah-jingy. Well done! So many great titles coming... Oh, and hey! You AAA developers should start getting a clue as to how to make cool games again (hint: not everything is high-end graphics/interactive movies)

Well done, Nintendo!

Incredible! It's so cool of them to give Necrodancer a Minish cap makeover!

I won't lie... letting an indie developer mess with Zelda even in a crossover sort of fashion is a very radical turn for Nintendo... even more drastic than the Mario-Rabbids game. I don't know if I'll buy it since it isn't really a Zelda game, though.

But there were a lot of games I'm interested in: Cuphead, Katana Zero, and a 16-bit sequel to Blaster Master?! I'm really excited. These are the kinds of indie games that really CAN fill in the gaps between AAA game releases.

the presentation that Nintendo broadcasted today was realy great

*Recognized Necro Dancer*
*Saw trees ripped directly from A Link to the Past*
"WTF these indies ripped a zelda game!? I thought they were great!"
"Wait, WTF... How did this slip by Nintendo!?"


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