Switch eShop file size round-up - Cuphead, My Time at Portia, The World Next Door, and more

Your cup runneth over

If you're a digital Switch shopper, it's important to keep tabs on what's around the corner and how much space it'll take up. Here's the latest round of file sizes for upcoming titles.

Cuphead – 3.3GB
My Time at Portia – 2.3GB
Warparty – 2.1GB
The World Next Door – 1.8GB
Inferno Climber: Reborn – 1.7GB
Ultrawings – 1.5GB
Air Conflicts: Secret Wars – 1.5GB
Air Conflicts: Pacific Carriers – 1.4GB
The Mystery of Woolley Mountain – 809MB
Pitfall Planet – 808MB
StarDrone – 551MB
Gems of War – 458MB
Istanbul: Digital Edition – 330MB
OMG Zombies! – 316MB
Katana Zero – 244MB
Block-a-Pix Deluxe – 84.0MB
Reptilian Rebellion – 82.0MB
Rogue Bit – 79.0MB
Peasant Knight – 45.0MB
Neon Caves – 38.0MB

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What the Hell? Cuphead on XO is like 11GB or so. Wonder what they had to sacrifice here.

Could just be Nintendo's compression tools at work?
Honestly I'd love to know myself because I've been wondering this myself.

Going from 11GB to 3.3GB would be DAMN good compression. Perhaps they took away some sound options. Can't remember what Surround th Switch can do, but the Xbox ca more for sure. But still, it's 1080P/60FPS docked, so... I am guessing sound in some way.


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