Nintendo and Studio MDHR explain how Cuphead came to Switch, and hint at "a few little extras for people to find" (UPDATE)

Drink in the secrets

Cuphead on the Switch seems too good to be true, doesn't it? Well keep pinching yourself, because this isn't a dream! Wondering how this all came to be? Game Informer spoke to Nintendo's manager of publisher and developer relations Kirk Scott, Nintendo's product marketing specialist Vincent Chon, and Cuphead co-creator Jared Moldenhauer to find out.

We’re always trying to get the best content on the platform. So it’s organic, like "Hey, this would be a great idea." Then somebody at Microsoft says, "Hey we think this would be a great idea too." Then they talk to those guys and it just happens.

Jared Moldenhauer: Well, from my perspective, and I don’t know so now I’m just speculating, but the industry is changing a little bit more to be more supportive of indies. Why should we have so many walls up? Why not support all gamers and work between the Goliaths like Microsoft and Nintendo to find a balance so that indie gaming can have a better chance… instead of locking things out for the rest of time, that’s kind of a problematic approach that I don’t think would make it in the future.

Scott: Indies are the small guys, so it’s good to give them an opportunity to launch on whatever platforms they can.

Vincent Chon: Our strategy with indies is "I really just to let you guys do your thing." We don’t want to be a roadblock there, we just want to bring great games to fans.

Will the Switch version of Cuphead have content that wasn't in the original Xbox/PC releases? It seems like there might be some special nods tucked in there, according to Moldenhauer.

...there might be a few little extras for people to find out… (Asked about Easter eggs) Who knows?

UPDATE: PopAgenda, the company handling PR for Cuphead, reached out to us with the following statement.

I just want to confirm with you that there's is no exclusive content to the Switch version. All content in the Switch version will be patched into the Free Content Update on Xbox and PC the day the Switch version comes out, April 18th.

As for Moldenhauer's comments on Easter eggs, it seems his "who knows?" answer was just him playing coy, and not hinting at something more.

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Not to mention it gets the game into the Japanese market.

It could get a -LOT- of their stuff into the Japanese market.

Thu Mar 21 19 05:07pm
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A sentient Zelda pot as playable character.

Can somebody tell me what Microsoft gets out of this arrangement? I love what's going on, but that's the one thing I don't get.

Thu Mar 21 19 05:20pm
(Updated 1 time)

It's unknown ever since Microsoft published Minecraft on Wii U (with later the 3DS and Switch versions) on the behalf of Mojang.

There are only two items I gather that Microsoft could want:
1) Since Activision lost the James Bond games license, Microsoft could be seeking to improve relations in order to get Nintendo on board for a Goldeneye N64 port or another remake. Then it would be just the matter of Microsoft buying the James Bond game rights for either just one game or for a few games.

2) Or Microsoft just wants to throw something that could stick that could let them get a character into Super Smash Bros. (if not for Ultimate, then Smash 6). If Microsoft could get something with great sales on a Nintendo platform, then they have a higher chance of getting a character from that one IP into Smash in the future.

That might entice more Nintendo players to explore more of Microsoft's offerings off Nintendo platforms.

1) They aren't going to buy a license all because of Nintendo.

2) That's not how it works. Characters are put in Smash Bros. for Nintendo's benefit, not other companies'.

I’m sure they’ll be getting a cut of any profits this version gets but beyond that I think, going off rumours of Microsoft going forward and things they’ve already been doing it seems they’re wanting Xbox to be more of a service in the future rather than the standard idea of having a console and supporting it with exclusives to promote it. They’ve been talking about streaming games and wanting Xbox Live features across multiple platforms so the goal seems to be for them to have a strong presence across the board instead of being tied to one ecosystem. Having some of their games move over to Switch promotes that.

Ignoring all that though, they don’t have a handheld to compete with so Switch is catering to an audience Microsoft don’t have a stake in already and have never seemed interested in going after with their own hardware. Remember, they allowed Rare to make some games on GBA and DS (Viva Piñata, Banjo GBA etc) and put out Zoo Tycoon on DS themselves no problem. It’s a similar situation here I think. And if rumours of having things like the Halo Collection on Switch are true, that would actively promote their next Xbox and the next Halo by appealing to people who may not already have experience with the franchise. I think when Nintendo and Microsoft say they don’t see themselves in competition with each other, they seriously mean it, hence all the partnerships like advertising Minecraft cross play and now Cuphead.

Plain and simple they get money, and exposure for xbox live.

Money. Publishing the game on other consoles means more sales. Hell I have this game on PC and Xbox one and I plan on buying it again.

It's always money. That's what every single business competition and cooperation is about. Money

All the above (and also the one below saying it help to enter into the japanese market), but I could add that it shows to other indies that if they agree with Microsoft to let them publish their games, it could still come to the other consoles, so signing with them will not restrict their player pool, with XBox not being first in the console race this generation.

Not to mention it gets the game into the Japanese market.

It could get a -LOT- of their stuff into the Japanese market.


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