Sonic Mania devs handling pixel work on Cadence of Hyrule


Making pixel art isn't easy. Making pixel art that looks good is even tougher. Making pixel animations that flow smoothly is downright devilish. While Nintendo definitely knows how to strut their stuff in the world of pixel art, you might be surprised to know who's handling the lush pixels of Cadence of Hyrule.

The Legend of Zelda/Crypt of the Necrodancer mash-up's pixel perfection is being handled by Midio and Paul Veer, two devs who worked on Sonic Mania. Anyone who's played Sonic Mania instantly knows just how talented these artists are when it comes to pixel painting. Looks like Link and Zelda's return to old-school is in very good hands!


Thu Mar 21 19 05:46pm
Rating: 1

That kind of explains why Cadence's pixel art is GORGEOUS, but the official character art looks pretty blah and unprofessional.

Thu Mar 21 19 08:10pm
Rating: 1

The official artwork reminds me of the CDi games. Like the second best MS Paint artist in the 7th grade computer club. Those pixels though... Oh yes.

You both are off your rockers, but sure, go off.

Caaaaaw! I reckon I smell horse dander in the jello.

Man Im so hyped for this game. Never played Necrodancer but I love Rhythm games. So a Zelda Rhythm game? Yes please! I wish Nintendo would make another Rhythm Heaven or Elite Beat Agents game.

This is all kinds of wonderful news.

That's wonderful news.. I love their work with pixels.

Fri Mar 22 19 03:14am
Rating: 1

Still not buying it. It's not officially co developed by Nintendo and is more or less dlc.


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