A huge wave of brand-new details on the Nintendo Labo VR Kit (plus pics)

It's the motherload of info!

Check out more pics here and here

A massive wave of details pertaining to Nintendo Labo's VR Kit have hit the internet, and we've pieced everything together everything for you. Check out all the tidbits below!

- the 'goggles' are basic lenses with plastic lining around the eyepiece
- use the Toy-Con camera for an underwater adventure where you see different aquatic life
- twist the camera lens to zoom in on sea life, then hit the Joy-Con trigger to take a picture
- hit the other Joy-Con trigger to throw food out at fish
- use the Toy-Con Blaster to fight off an alien invasion
- pull the barrel back, then hit a button to shoot
- you can pause time and fire off a wave of bullets that all go blasting to your enemies once time kicks back in
- the Toy-Con bird has you flying on the back of a bird on a tropical island
- the bird has some missions you can take on, like finding/feeding the bird's babies
- the Toy-Con Wind Pedal blows air in your face when you press it down
- this is used for the "Hop Dodge" experience where you play as a frog that's trying to avoid obstacles
- Toy-Con Elephant lets you draw in 3D space
- VR Kit has garage mode where you can create in 2D or VR
- VR Kit includes 64 mini-games that you can also edit
- games include a foosball-like soccer game, a simple 2D fighting game; and a VR platformer
- VR can be switched off, and games can be played in 2D using the included Screen Holder
- the blaster takes about 3 hours to build
- another blaster game has you shoot food at hippos to lure them over to your side, and the one with the most hippos wins
- there's a physics-based Marble Run game where you set up puzzles and pass the headset to a friend for them to solve
- another camera game involves snapping pics of the character from the House game in the Labo variety kit
- the pedal is used in conjunction with the bird toy-con for Bird Dash mode
- the soccer mini-game lets you customize it, such as changing the soccer ball to an apple, which changes the physics
- another of the 64 mini-games is an RC car destruction derby
- there are soft stickers that can be applied to the nose piece for comfort
- there's a setting to use the console's ambient light sensor to detect when it is inserted into the VR Goggles Toy-Con
- cardboard glasses included in the package use reflective discs and the Joy-Con IR sensor to put other players in games
- the IR sensor watches movement of the reflective discs on glasses and turns your friend into an in-game character

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I really like the idea of the 64 tweakable minigames. This could be a cool package for some weird relaxing experiences.


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