Car Quest update now available

Released to coincide with the special $1 sale

As we mentioned earlier, Car Quest currently has a special sale price of $1. To go along with that, the game has received a major update that tweaks all sorts of content and fixes issues. The full list of changes is below.

- Hint stations to replay the last secret revealed (very handy if you can't remember, or come back to a game)
- Turn Lord Blockstar on/off (useful for second time players and speed runs, and people that hate Lord Blockstar)
- Reduced grind: all artifacts are permanently collected
- Adjusted coin values and added more mega coins
- Unlock new cars by completing the game
- New breed of easier to herd sheep
- UI tweaks for improved readability
- Game progress can be reset (handy for speed runs)

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dammit. now i have to play this thing 3-4-however many more times... WHEN WILL IT END?! that said, this update sounds pretty good- it adresses just about every issue and adds more than i would have expected.

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